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    Wine tasting.<br /><br />and of course chess club on a tuesday.
  1. Vinyl Phantasy

    British Comedy Appreciation Thread

    *spuds*also darkplace and the day today
  2. Vinyl Phantasy

    British Comedy Appreciation Thread

    JAMbest thing chris morris ever did
  3. Vinyl Phantasy

    The Office.

    your a c*ck your a c*ck your a c*ck
  4. alt and f12thats a shortcut for symbols
  5. Vinyl Phantasy

    Who Should Be Banned

    e15 yout/boxa/moron
  6. Vinyl Phantasy

    Would you pay £52 for a T-Shirt?

    ive paid £50 for a t shirtand £50 for a belt
  7. Vinyl Phantasy

    Whats your Desktop Saying?

    mine says most done topic in rwd/vip2 history
  8. Vinyl Phantasy


    What scene do you mean?Indie? Sneakerhead?indie....
  9. Vinyl Phantasy


    CRACKTRO....give me some good 'alternative' brandsthat are cool in the 'scene'
  10. Vinyl Phantasy


    got a nice pair of hugo boss the other day, don't really go out looking for a certain make.if i like, i buy. money is my bitch
  11. Vinyl Phantasy


    magaluf this yearand US.
  12. Vinyl Phantasy

    traffic light changer....

  13. Vinyl Phantasy

    Do you hate when people touch your face?

    ive lashed out on girls who touch me when im off gaurd
  14. Vinyl Phantasy

    Where y'all from??

    english.swedish name and that.
  15. Vinyl Phantasy

    What Whips do you Drive?

    17th march....08 honda civic 1.4not bad for a first car alie