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  1. LOL, when I read your first line I thought "hmm a thoughtful response will ensue"then I read the third line...hahah i know would not put it past louis to want to though.No if im serious louis put Lloyd through cause he knew lloyd would have more potential in the charts than jamie.Thats my feelin anways you could make more money from lloyd than you could jamie.
  2. Lol why are you guys surprised?Lloyd is a very young, blonde boy and this is louis.Louis just wants to bed lloyd....like he wants to bed the twins.
  3. "boop boop boop shank dem tingzs"Ha sounds like a piss take statement.....are you for real?
  4. Look i have no idea where you get your info from but the Kinsella's are NOT realted to the Adams family, they dont even know them!.where are you getting this from?Also some of my mates knew Ben and he was not the type to have fights or get into arguments, he would rather walk away, if anything he would try to break them up and diffuse the situation.
  5. Oh god here we go again..why do people have so much hate for the Ben Kinsella case?He was 100% innocent anyone who says other-wise is dumb.He did nothing to provoke them or anything.wrong place wrong time.and as for the hate for Brooke Kinsella.what that girl is doing is amazing.. she has shown so much strengh.the Kinsella's are not related to any gang...that gang was just mad at a killing on thier area.
  6. agreed...race should not come into.These pricks actions would be just as vicious if they were white/asian whatever.scum is scum.
  7. I dont think that these three (and many others for that matter) will ever not be a danger to society. If you are able to inflict such brutality on an unarmed and defenseless person then show no regret. That person is not gonna just after 14 years leave all that viciousness behind. I believe prisons really need to tighten up its programs cause its obviously not worken.
  8. I think we should just go medieval on everyone :)Yeah U.S is a bit sh*t also but not where as lenient as U.KJust we wait untill we get these three pricks "life sentences" today. some sh*t like 14 years..
  9. Guys should spend their whole pathetic lives in jail..its obvious these cunts feel no remorse for what they did, they will never change.waste of air and life. I hate this countries justice system, most murderers get like 13 years....that is not enough.In the u.s you get 13 years for stealing.
  10. going back to the scum-bag murderers.Just been reading about their actions afterwards and i gotta laugh at how f*ck*ng stupid they are.Not only do they admit it to people but they go chatting about it in a f*ck*ng police van.Then come up with stupid stories like being asleep or tripping over or whatever, blaming each other at trial and sh*t.LIf there is one thing i have learned, If you f*ck*ng kill someone its best to just admit it.
  11. No thats not true...he was not involved in anything that night.were u there yeNo i was not but.Witnesses say he wasn't Police say he wasn't Court says he wasn't I swear why do people find it so hard to believe that innocent people do get killed.
  12. No thats not true...he was not involved in anything that night.
  13. very true...Ben was completely innocent, you gotta expect it to get massive coverage.Raa i really hope the pricks get attacked or even better killed when they get out.
  14. f*ck these scum-bag pricks...11 stab wounds to an innocent boy is beyond brutal.Deserve to rot in jail and die there.R.I.P Ben.
  15. That's just tragic.yeah i know...i got a really bad habbit of saying and/or doing thinggs at the wrong moments.
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