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  1. black ant ur takin da piss now wtf is dat sh*t lol
  2. defo ain't snap or any of the ones i wrote lol i jus said it coz the dj said it was released around those acts above sum sh*t dj, playing sh*t he don't even know
  3. nah that ain't it ppl when i searched earlier that came up and i was getting happy but then clicked play --- early 90's its a proper dance track, euro trance even type track dj told me it come out around acts like utah saints, culture beat, snap, 2 unlimited n sh*t whoever the f*ck they are
  4. suck ur mum if u don't know, u don't know keep it moving ur any laugh begger
  5. yesterday i went to sum retro dance n they were playing some proper old skool hardcore dance tracks i've never even heard b4 f*ck*ng dj didn't even know the name of it anyway, it had bare electronic/synth sounds with a strong piano part the chorus lyrics went something 'bah dah bah dah bah wom a uma dah something like dat anyway i know sum1 here knows fingers crossed thanks
  6. wow da way these guys hustle is f*cked
  7. dis track n video ain't even that bad tbh i swear bare guys do music here and i ain't seen 1 quality video or heard a decent something 4rm any of them jus see guys who know each other post videos n butt lick each other like say theres is any better than this annoying lego prick guy jus saying
  8. f*ckin nice wud have even been sicker if styles p came out da roots live>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. pos goli 4 dat video real talk up in there
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