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  1. Classic "Nigga the bullets hit your face and armssssss......ohhh woh woh wohhhhh"
  2. Mr. No Good

    Emotional songs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWokXOwumR0 Second verse is real sad
  3. Thread fully de-railed some post some pics of beckys in expensive bikinis out there!!
  4. Used to get butterflies when i rolled with the heat But ... not for long Say goodbye to the sweaty palms / Young niggas didnt know what we was in for... shootouts in broad day Real talking Neighboorhood Nip
  5. sh*t kina dissapointed me jeezy fallin off on the hook game all the nigga do is repeat sh*t
  6. NoPeople do not rate Downingand Nohe aint coming Arsenal
  7. Sorry but this match is going to be Under 2.5 Goals tbh
  8. The county jails on the westcoast even worse as they be gang bangin in prison FOREAL on the west side
  9. "Little club".... coming form a spurs fan okayyyyy
  10. Thats any lyric tbh why uk rap get lughed/patronised in the US you know nothing about this i know what he is actually on about and few people rap about it, trust me it wasnt cause of the lyrical greatness, it was the delivery & balls mate okay fam
  11. "The same niggas gwopped out, counting cash with me Was the same niggas that hopped out, quick to blast with me" emosh / Been hearing alot of sh*t about how Nipsey has been getting disaplined by neighborhood crips for bringing bloods to his hood? If he dont make it out the hood i fair the worst for him tbh
  12. My contract ends in 3 months Gonna be so hard deciding between the iphone 5 anD the 9900 f*ck
  14. Thats any lyric tbh why uk rap get lughed/patronised in the US
  15. Its mad cos i remember one prem game against Chelsea years ago where our two main midfielders (think it was Flamini and someone else) got injured.Cesc & Denilson had to play and played very well.At this time i swear Denilson & Cesc were at the same level of ability
  16. This guy is being a stupid f*ck*ng prick / The Stacey Dash, Eva Pigfords and Halle Berry's say nay to that article
  17. From what i have seen of Miyachi he is average.I cant see the hype tbh
  18. lol. Pwned.Them ones PMSL PAR. LMFAOPMSLcreasingROFL
  19. Mr. No Good


    I think some people need to take a step back and calm downYes the board is giving us the run around but it could be much much worse...Every club goes through a dry patch...some longer than others...We just have wayyyyyyy too much dead would in the first team is all...certain players should have been moved on a long time ago
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