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  1. tripzakasman

    tuggawar over track 9(giggs) channel u

    man actually listened 2 himself on da track n den WRECKLESSLY decided to make a video!!FOOL!!
  2. tripzakasman

    wos reli good

  3. tripzakasman

    New Dragonball Film Stills

    part of my childhood just got erased!!! hahahaha
  4. tripzakasman

    wos reli good

    wos goody...Yu Kool?
  5. tripzakasman

    wos reli good

    go by da name of Tripz...im new 2 dis ting so bare with me init ....how many posts do i need 2 be able to c everyting?i been gettin told all sorts....im baffled!!