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  1. I remember the day my man found out I watch porn. I must of been tired one night and forgot to open up the incognito window on chromo and instead opened up a normal tab. Convo went something like this, him ' babe whats this', me 'its porn', him 'why you watching porn?', me ' there's no need to be discussing this, if you want new material every time we have sex you will just close the tab and pretend you never saw it' and he did just that.
  2. Beanie

    The Pullout method

    you slagYour mums a slag
  3. Beanie

    The Pullout method

    lol @ the pull out method fell pregnant this way
  4. Beanie

    Those with partners

    How long did you know your other half before you hooked up?Since we were 15/16How long have you been a item?5yearsHow often do you speak?Everyday we live togetherHow often do you see each other?EverydayDo your friends/family approve?My dad hated him before cos I fell pregnant so young, but after awhile they made amendsVice versa? His family loves me
  5. Beanie

    what race are you?

    Mum is Cuban, dad is half Jamaican and half Italian
  6. Is everything in Birmz back to normal now cos im suppose to be going there for the weekend? Hotel and coach fare was booked weeks ago, but wana kno if I should cut my losses and lose my money or whether things will be cool!!
  7. Beanie

    Lets have a poll

    Im a mother who is supported by others (baby father) aswell as work for a living
  8. Beanie

    The Period Appreciation Thread Part 2

    You are not alone, happens to me all the time the amount of times ive tried to convince my man to f*ck me and he is still not on it, sad times!!!!
  9. Its ok luv I dont need help...thanx anyways

  10. Beanie


    Fag??? how does that even make sense when i'm female
  11. Beanie


    ohh you f*ck off prick
  12. Beanie


    One arab guy his d*ck was just beautiful plus he licked and sucked every part of my body!!