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  1. Beef burgers Tinie Tempah music Peanuts
  2. That Footy Manager over 48 months moments
  3. Yedder bawsy on fm. Laca is so good tho.
  4. Expect the armchair fans to blame the likes of Evans and Carrick again. Need to look at Rooney, Evra and Young who have not been good enough for a few weeks.
  5. DX: There's been a lot of press about you being from Harlem and your sound not really sounding like New York Rap, but do you think that your sound is really sort of a bigger answer, that it's indicative of Rap not really being regional any more, and that the whole idea of emulating a particular sound is gone, or at least that its days are numbered? ASAP Rocky: Yo, you just answered like the whole question. Correct 100%. Yup. Definitely. It's like it doesn't matter where you're from. I mean, look at it like this: The Spice Girls, when you hear them singing, you don't hear the British accents. They sound like Americans in my opinion, and it didn't matter that they were from Europe or London or whatever the case is. They were making great music and they were big in America, so I don't understand why America's so biased when it comes to states, like the regions. They expect you to sound like where you were born from. I think you should sound like what you were accustomed to, you know? That's all it is.
  6. Everyone's saying 'go out and buy a central midfield player'. Well, I would do that if he were a Manchester United player. If we'd seen a young Bryan Robson or Roy Keane, we'd have been the first there. The possibilities of improving our team are not lost on us."
  7. To all Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea fans, celebrating the fact that City beat United is like celebrating when another man gives ur wife an orgasm just because you can't do it... Classic
  8. So Man City finally beat United.... And it only cost 260.1 million pounds
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