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  1. Sorry was on holiday, yeah same kind of thing as before but better career prospects, more money and a much better environment! Flying out to San Francisco next Sunday on business too

  2. Cool, hmm got a new, much better job at the start of the year which is going well - not much else really. i didnt block/delete you on msn btw, i just never use it.

  3. Great English there!

  4. Oh breathing? Get out of here! I am been doing that too!

    What you up to these day?

  5. Yeah, I think it's worth it. How you been anyway?

  6. it's alright, allows you to keep in touch with people you know professionally who may not necessarily be friends but who may be useful contacts in the future and recruiters use it a lot - i've had people contacting me about potential jobs so it's quite useful. don't worry about it though, i only saw your invite recently when i was looking through my old e-mail addresses.

  7. add me again on linkedin, for some reason I couldn't accept your invite?

  8. well if you do work there come christmas...

    what's NYC been like? it's never really appealed to me but i guess you've made good contacts and got more experience.

    yeah, 3 bedroom flat sharing with a friend from work, and the other room is unoccupied, it's a pretty decent price with all bills included as well.

  9. where in finsbury park did you work?

  10. Happy Birthday! Hope all is good.

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