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    He's on a PCJ charge in relation to Smalls murder
  2. Mephisto


    Was a bridge yout. Heard hes ok though.
  3. Jesus racking up those stats to make it seem like hes had a decent season
  4. Who would want to be a CF in this era? Its either do all the donkey work for the wingers, or bang 40+ & win nothing
  5. I don't rate any of them coming out condeming R Kelly now. They've known about his antics for YEARS & where was the energy when he married Aaliyah at 15???
  6. Do all you can Even if you lose a custody/access case... when/if your daughter comes looking for you in 10+ years you can look her in the eyes & not have to tell her some bs story about why you've been absent
  7. Guy was shocking again today Jenkinson>>>>Lich
  8. Should've copped Nicolas Pépé
  9. Liverpool aren't even playing that well. If they sort out their passing we could hold 8
  10. We look so solid with 3 workhorses in midfield Wait....
  11. Looks done physically. My feeling is either find a way to use him or get rid. All this tough love ain't gonna work. He is what he is.
  12. None of our players turn up in big away games Emery playing a blinder giving the fans a scapegoat
  13. Isco is a 5 side player. Cr made them man look good
  14. If Wenger played Xhaka at CB 2 games in a row there would be riots....
  15. Nothing to see here. Americans are fucked when it comes to race
  16. Swear Redmond wasn't balding at the end of last season
  17. made me more mad than the Scot.
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