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  1. Apparently Tom Hanks put 100 quid down on Leicester winning the league at the start of the season. That was 5000 - 1 Odds. Crazy how much that would be.
  2. Mourinho not made for this chase game Dortmund look more like scoring then real do
  3. If Jarni, Stimac, Prosinecki, Boban, Suker and Mijatovic had been allowed to blend with Mihajlovic, Jugovic and Boksic, as well as the players who were already established - Dragan Stojkovic, Dejan Savicevic and Srecko Katanec. oi oi oi
  4. She done more damage to British Industry then the Luftwaffe did in ww2., Pos for falklands , But to stay 10 years at the top gonna make you some enemies.
  5. Cant believe this guy got to play up front with the real ronaldo.


    Did i see ian beale pretending an eggplant was denise? You know italians offensively call black people "muliyaan" which also means eggplant. Sopranos head should know this. How could the BBC not see this/
  7. http://www.firstrow1.eu/watch/170106/1/watch-ac-milan-vs-fc-barcelona.html Thx
  8. Terminator 2 music playing in the stadium at half time lol
  9. lol at harry swear he said teams with 18000 capacity stadiums shouldn't be paying 65K wages That was in December January samba signs 100k a weej
  10. http://www.redandwhitekop.com/forum/index.php?topic=285357.0 Strong post i found on red&whiteKOP about series a in the 90s
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