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  1. Right... My accusers would like you to believe that ip ''matches'' could only have come from my home/router etc. I put it to you all that it is ABSOLUTE BULLOCKS. IF those ip addresses were mine, the only match that can be determined is the same INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS were used (Tiscali & BT). THAT IS IT!!! Everything else is fabrication imo. Please read the following and by the end UNLESS YOU'VE GOT SOME NEXT ILL FEELINGS TOWARDS ME YOU WILL FIND ME NOT GUILTY AS IT HAS BEEN FOUND IN COURTS OF LAW & REAL IT EXPERTS WHO'S EVIDENCE HAS BEEN ACCEPTED IN COURT AS FACT. f*ck what the
  2. There wasn't an inside joke. People are just taking it as that tbh.
  3. I won't admit to something I didn't do. Restore the search permissions Snake Hunter HD. How are you going to take away the very thing that could potentially clear me?
  4. LS how can I confirm someone I don't know & as far as I know he/she is a myth of someone's creation. Snake Hunter HD/faze/john doe/swift restore my permissions please. I've just remembered around the time Brisco and a next mod did a ip check when they suspected it was me but it was false. Now ppl are saying different. I need to search for that particular exchange.
  5. Can whoever took my search & msg permissions restore it please.
  6. Kmt Maybe some ppl have their own minds to make up their own conculsions & not follow hype based on questionable evidence. Some ppl are actually looking at things objectively opposed to believing anything that's been posted against me or are just using this as a way to channel their previously silent ill feelings towards me?
  7. @ Local wtf? Now I'm supposed to have got Brisco sent to prison? Set up Ari Gold to put hands on his hands on his bm & subsequently get him arrested & imprisoned? asgshs h fsh sh sh f*ck RIGHT OFF!!!!!
  8. So you're trying to just blend in now? I'm not guilty so I'm just posting as & when I like on what I want. Deal with it.
  9. Young £ you seem hurt bro. What have I ever done to you? Your hate for me has been STRONG for years & any time shots are fired at me you seem to enjoy it way to much bruh. Your just being a c*nt. Personally speaking, I COULD NEVER HAVE SO MUCH HATE/DISLIKE FOR SOMEONE I'VE NEVER KNOWN/MET/DEALT WITH IN REAL LIFE. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I can't help you with that. You need to seek help fella. / It's clear you haven't even bothered to read my reply to ''tbh the vvv guy upped fb pics from me, mike kane and logers. only person who has all three on fb is.....u guessed i
  10. Nothing wrong with what Allen did. People just taking shots for the hell of it. All Flojo was saying imo is in past games our players have been in that very or similar situation, ended up forcing a pass or tried to beat players which resulted in us loosing the ball.
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