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  1. Giggs and co showing how low IQ they really are Always bitching about how police are shutting down and blackballing their performances and then go and cause madness at a show that's being aired live on channel 4 These guys are all 30+ they should know better
  2. Awful 30+ and still rapping about nothing lol
  3. Another killing in Camberwell just now
  4. It’s not a penalty. Robbery
  5. Fuck VAR. This is the wc final can’t be giving that
  6. Beautiful goal. Fully deserved
  7. I agree. Talking about they made the nation proud is total BS It’s worse because they had such an easy route . Now Lovren is playing in a WC final ???
  8. So many excuses being made here you known Keane is holding back from going in on England lol
  9. Weak from England Croatia in the final what a joke
  10. Kane done absolutely nothing takes a good penalty though
  11. Chadli been a weak link in this team Game needs extra time
  12. This made me laugh You're either severely autistic or trolling hard
  13. Porchy thinks he’s a football guru but he’s way off most of the time probably won’t post here for a month or two now ?
  14. Neymar being found out once again this season
  15. England were dusty if James was playing I would of fancied Colombia to win the game. Should get to the final though, will never have a better chance than this
  16. One allowed in injury time now
  17. Koke’s had a mare today should bring him off for Thiago asap
  18. Best game of football I’ve seen in a while Shame Messi didn’t turn up. Looked like he was barely even looking for the ball
  19. Nice didn’t want Colombia to go out. Hope James can recover for the next game
  20. zoot

    Paul Pogba

    My parents are both from two different European countries and it winds me up that they didn't teach me either languge Now I'm here age 26 trying to learn and it's very difficult. What methods do you use to learn? @O Fenomeno
  21. What kind of logic is that.. rob a mans money but don’t rob his watch ? how about just learn how earn your own money
  22. Love watching James play. Been wanting him back at Madrid for a while Could be England vs Colombia next
  23. All the guys selling stuff on the beach in Spain are from Senegal though Sugar should know better, but it’s not that bad
  24. zoot


    You know the worlds gone mad when a dusty oompa loompa like that has 20k+ simps following her
  25. Eto'o in his interview - ''It was inconceivable to see a group of young kids with so much talent losing a game to Arsenal''
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