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  1. Yaya is just chatting shit about pep. He’s always been an entitled prick remember when he was outraged that the city owners did not gift him a supercar
  2. Can anyone show me a big game that he's taken by the scruff of the neck. i've never seen it Moments of brilliance but not a complete package
  3. i've never seen the hype with Thiago. If he was that good Barca would of never have let him go
  4. I'm even more confused now, your earlier posts seemed to support this agenda and now you're backtracking into something different This was a strange post, something I imagine a gay activist of some sort would write
  5. I think you got this LGBT agenda all wrong Imo gays are being plastered all over tv to make it seem much more normal and acceptable to be gay. It started with soaps like eastenders towie and nonsense like that, now you see adverts promoting subtle homo stuff. They are starting to penetrate the rap scene too. Look at 6ix9ine as a prime example
  6. They won't give you a mortgage when they see that 40% of your income goes on a leased merc
  7. Negged £20 of petrol in a merc wont last long at all why would you waste time constantly filling up
  8. Dusty guy I'm awaiting a 2-2.5k cheque for a guy driving into the back of me. No way are you getting that for an ambulance scraping your mirror
  9. Any kind of claim will still make your insurance go up Your the type of guy that tops up your new shape merc with £15 at a time
  10. Why would you waste an insurance claim on a wing mirror. Doesn’t make sense at all shows how much of a peasant chaps really is
  11. 4 shootings this weekend, another in New Cross Definitely going to be a hot summer
  12. Monreal is fucking useless Wanna see extra time
  13. zoot

    Rating Chicks

    insane flexibility
  14. zoot


    Most of Nines projects are solid only shit one imo was loyal to the soil Best rapper in the U.K for sure Tony Soprano >>>>>>
  15. zoot


    If they started from scratch it can sometimes take 6 months alone just to get planning permission and building regulations all sorted and all the permits etc it doesn't happen over night How long did it take you lot to open up your businesses ?? lol I think it's a good idea I'm sure all they're fans will flock there, let's just hope they run it professionaly unlike a lot of other black businesses
  16. zoot


    Who cares how long it took Got to rate anyone who takes the risk and opens up their own business. Can lose a lot of money if it goes tits up
  17. Legalizing cannabis will be pointless the only difference it will make is that you’ll be buying your buds from a greedy politician or someone who’s already very wealthy. They're probably planning it all out now I highly doubt they will allow home growing or average joe’s to buy licences to grow. Richard Branson will probably get one
  18. Weren't these the same people marching the streets against knife crime? Fucking embarrasing
  19. zoot


    Drilling for Oil in the Israeli-occupied Region of Syria’s Golan Heights, A Violation of International Law https://www.globalresearch.ca/drilling-for-oil-in-the-israeli-occupied-region-of-syrias-golan-heights-a-violation-of-international-law/5532455 Interesting article. Rupert Murdoch owns shares in a company drilling for oil in Syria / Going to a wedding in Cyprus soon. Crazy that Syria is just 60 miles away
  20. After the game, Kane told Sky Sports: "It's my goal for sure. It flicked off my shoulder and went in. I swear that's mine. It was just off my shoulder. I don't care, it's my goal." Truly pathetic a free kick that came off his shoulder and he's going all out to claim it. I guess Spurs have to try and win something
  21. Good luck with that one, 1 bed flat for 300k or a 2-3 bed house outside of London I know which one I'd choose Living at home is definitely a major cockblock but you just have to ride it out and it will pay off in the end. Life progression is more important than some short term pleasure I'd rather live at home than pay rent to some scumbag landlord all my life A couple of my boys tried to move out of their mums rented a big house in N1 on a years contract for 3k a month. They had to break it after 6months because they couldn't afford it and ended up back in their mums council flat wi
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