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  1. I bought some ETH in the dip. But shouid of waited longer as its dipped more All this fake news is driving price down. Just because Lloyds isn't willing to lend money on credit cards for people to buy crypto.. you can still use a debit card. The banks are looking weak right now. So they won't let people invest in crypto but you could easily borrow money on your credit card to go and gamble at the bookies
  2. Lucky I sold my coins on sunday at a break even price because I was going to be away for 5 days with no internet and couldn't monitor the charts Might buy more ETH while it's low though.
  3. You cant withdraw from coinbase to UK bank account directly Need to use an app called revolut to do so.
  4. How are two 24 year olds letting a 15year old kid drive them around in a packed vehicle. Couldn't even get their seatbelts on. This is natural selection
  5. take this fraff out of the crypto thread / decided to jump in on some ETH and BTC. Was going to avoid the crypto hype but there's been a nice dip in the market and seems like a good time to make a small investment
  6. It's not like Cavani has a say in things. PSG just do whatever Neymar wants lol
  7. What about the cost of electricity .. is this factored into your figures? How many kwh does each computer use while mining ?
  8. zoot


    Good read Agree with what he said about Isco and Asensio
  9. Barca could of easily waited till summer, they basically won the league already and Countinho won't be able to play in CL Always thought Coutinho would end up a Barca player at some point. He will fit in well
  10. League football totally dead this year hopefully CL will be better
  11. zoot


    If you download facebook messenger app you secretley give them permission to record you, it's cleverly wordered in the T&C's Maybe the same for insta. i'm not sure.
  12. Look how much soy is consumed in Asia and they have much lower cancer rates The logic that big pharma want people to consume soy makes no sense at all lol Anything in excess is bad for you. Genetically modified soy probably causes cancer because of the the pesticides sprayed on it, but all of the soy sold in the EU is non GMO.
  13. Complete myth Soya milk tastes like shit though, oal or cashew milk is 10x better
  14. I personally would never use viagra if you can't perform you need to address the issue of why you can't and fix it naturally
  15. Who are you helping? I watched that doc you posted ages ago and it's mostly nonsense How many people end up in hospital because of cannabis, not many at all. But if you've got mental issues already smoking will intensify the problem Like I said weed is not really for me anymore I grew out of it years ago. So keep on chatting shit you're just making yourself look more stupid than you already are
  16. You're chatting shit here. Coming like a misinformed daily mail reader The bottom line is everyones brain is different and weed is not for everyone. I stopped smoking myself because it effects me negatively but still use mixed THC/CBD tincture drops. What the fucks skunk anyway lol it's 2017 any doc mentioning skunk is not credible.
  17. If you're young and need viagra something is wrong But cialis is meant to be 10x better than viagra
  18. Why would you do that? Mortgage payments will be cheaper than your rent every month and renting off a landlord is just throwing money away, at least a mortgage you're paying towards something you'll eventually own. Also to get a buy to let mortgage you need a huge deposit 25-30 percent The tough part is getting a big enough deposit together and earning enough to borrow a decent amount of money which is pretty much impossible for the average Londoner.
  19. zoot

    Black Friday

    Looking for a macbook pro, 1100 for 128gb of storage though
  20. Ok but whats your point ? If you do something like that to someone near a nightclub you should have the common sense to know that there will be cameras everywhere and there is a good chance you will get caught, regardless of who you are
  21. Statement made him seem a bit slow/retarded police trying to make a name of the back of him, they edited him stampimg on a mans face to make him look back and kept repeating how he worked for his rolex.
  22. This is not true. Because they only had 27k available they see it as he concealed 600k minus the 27 they had available to them. The rest is now a debt that they can collect anytime if he ever comes into money legitimate or not even if you inherit a property that has nothing to do with the proceeds of crime they will take it. Ridiculous law that Tony Blair bought in
  23. Also through POCA he owes 500+k to the government So even if he got out and made money legit that debt chases you forever
  24. He probably doesn't own any assets hence they can't confiscate anything from him other than some jewellery Anyone got the full article?
  25. Some of it is just grown here and put in fancy packaging marketed as being cali import. People think just because its grown in cali that its better lol. If you're paying more than 60 a q even for cookies, gorilla glue etc you're getting bumped
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