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  1. Discount Basque Roberto Di Matteo sans the Champions League.
  2. Bait. Plus there's no album to promote like with the Wiley situation.
  3. I was one of the "young" users and I'm 29. There won't be a next generation, all these youts are on Twitter getting groomed by Mike Kane and his ilk.
  4. The amount of madness going on in football, this place should have been on fire. All the plants as well in the media, that plant thread would have been pinned.
  5. Di oracle This country has no idea how to rate keepers innit
  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Vip2 post come to life.
  7. Pmsl that video Victims tryna downplay their L "yeah obviously man got the ps back innit 😠"
  8. loool its pronounced "SPAK-Nation" yeah?
  9. Imagine Emery was sweating just to scrape a point at home against this Tottenham side.
  10. Fucking hell this thread is comedy
  11. Trust Mendy to be entertaining them kinda jokes.
  12. https://www.vip2.co.uk/forum/topic/84649-lets-talk-about/ Been a secret takeover Every. Fucking. Where.
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