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  1. Drift

    live Week 34 - Premier League 18/19

    We're so shit away from home that we're in a battle against 10 man Watford. Need Özil on, too many workmen panicking in midfield.
  2. Drift

    Welcome back

    Yeah this place might be done.
  3. Drift

    live Week 34 - Premier League 18/19

    Sky sports has turned into Liverpool TV
  4. Drift

    live Champions League 2019 - Quarter Finals

    He used to get on my nerves but this season he's fully ironed out the positional indiscipline and selfishness and we're losing him... Become a proper leader as well.
  5. Drift

    R.Kelly - "Still Ain't Nothing But A number "

    Bait he sent it at the behest of the whatapp group and someone leaked it
  6. Drift

    live Champions League 2019 - Quarter Finals

    Kane off tryna clamp Delph
  7. Drift

    Recap Topic

    SQL is the one... I always tell people if you wanna get into IT that's the language. High demand low supply. All that other python shit is bait. / Started contracting last month, so calm.
  8. Drift

    Welcome back

    De Gea been fucking up all over the gaff and no VIP2 to laugh with.
  9. Drift

    afc Arsenal 2018/19

    It's over I now support SE Dons #AnythingforPaula
  10. Drift

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    L Brook
  11. Drift

    afc Arsenal 2018/19

    Petr Cech retiring from this shit
  12. Drift

    #MeToo Movement

    Not watching/involved
  13. Drift

    live Week 22 - Premier League 18/19

    Is that a red card in this era yeah?
  14. Drift

    Dayo going all out on his black queens

    Lol I don't even hate Nigerians, as a people they do bits but your women are fucked let's be honest lads.