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  1. Neymar

    South Americans >>>>>
  2. Uber

    pmsl I know exactly what this guy sounds like and his opinions on this.
  3. Piers Morgan N-Word Article

    Yeah I've heard Pakistanis call themselves and each other the P word. Obviously I've got sense not to say it. It's not that hard, just don't say the word if you don't want trouble.
  4. Uber

    Hopefully the appeal goes through. Fuck them racist, extortionate black cabbies.
  5. Uber

  6. Boxing Schedule Thread

    Top class boxer. Remember when he schooled Froch.
  7. Diego Costa Confirms He Will Play For Spain

    Thank Goodness
  8. Skrapz

    Needs to pick the right beats. He's picked some odd ones in previous tapes.
  9. Vegan Gang

    / I'll cut out red meat when I get older, stick to fish and chicken. My dad and uncles all done it, they look clean for their age.
  10. Vegan Gang

    Aka Guinness shits
  11. BREXIT - June 23rd

    https://www.ft.com/content/c628a064-9d08-11e7-8cd4-932067fbf946 Oh...
  12. You lot would have played him at wingback which is what he is in 2017. / What position was he playing in those clips?
  13. Neymar

    When's the last time a top European team had a Brazilian as the MAIN guy and it didn't end in premature injury/drama/obesity? This isn't gonna be a Cristiano/Messi type reign.
  14. Neymar

    The Oracle turning on Neymar
  15. 2017 Hot Summer

    smh Foolish boy.