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  1. Mandem have to explain why they find things funny now. Mad. Fall back you wiry miserable c*nt.
  2. pmsl this part ended me animals don't give a shit
  3. Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    Big ethnic "urban" artist from London talking shit about the Tories will only strengthen their position.
  4. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Pmsl Not gonna lie..... I was thinking this
  5. Official Cooking Thread

    You lot are primitive.
  6. Work & Life

    You're being managed out, they fundamentally don't like YOU. Find a new job, this shouldn't be an issue.
  7. Willian was moving like he did for me in FM.
  8. The Video Thread part 2

    Can't see di video
  9. Players to watch in 2018

    Anyone watch Ryan Sessegnon properly? Numbers are a madness, is he destined for the top?
  10. Nah Tings with no dad in their lives tend to be a mess.
  11. You lot give off vulnerable vibes.
  12. Rip Stormin

    RIP So sad looked in a bad way recently