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  1. Drift

    Racial Ambiguity

    Yo I never noticed Wolves' manager Is he a brudda? Half? Gypsy like Quaresma?
  2. Drift

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Lol Spliff TV ya kna! Didn't know that was still kicking
  3. Drift

    Sexual Bucket Lists

    Another Social Media false flag This "Oloni" character is most probably part of the marketing team for these slores.
  4. Onside there van Dijk looking shaky
  5. Drift

    New Season Kits

    🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 / I'm not a fan of all this new nigga American shit getting involved in football. There's more on the way for you lot.
  6. Drift

    Maya Jama (colourism topic)

    False flag
  7. Drift

    afc Arsenal 2018/19

    - Gallas Wenger was having a laugh.
  8. Drift

    Work & Life

    Get outta there
  9. Drift

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    Patties affi chat
  10. Drift

    Work & Life

    What's some good excuses to cut during the middle of the day for an interview? They're coming thick and fast (pause) already used one today.
  11. Drift

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    Hes old bill
  12. Drift

    New Season Kits

    RIP football