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  1. i dont know about you but how many more generation you think we have to go through in england before we have black girls as nice as this in our country
  2. arkain47

    some news

    woooooooooooooooooowww you know its something big when the white people outright comeon out and say that there practising in it
  3. arkain47

    Sunday Sun

    i meant what week you d*ckhead lol obviously its not the sunday sun on a saturday lol
  4. arkain47

    Safe house

    llooooooooooool yeah this film looks kind of sick still
  5. do you know how many of these thee giveing away free to artist . like hell ma i gonna buy it im gonna get me one for free as well
  6. does anyone know when final fantasy versus is comin out
  7. altho i i beleieve he has influenced me negatively most def , in this case he hasnt because coming from poverty and being broke /seeing your parents broke i wouldve always said to an extent that f*ck a moral compass if it stops you from being poor i repeat TO A CERTAIN EXTENT. you think ceos of lloyds , jp morgan etc etc oil barons have moral compasses hell no ur f*ck*ng right tbh i second that
  8. has anyone here ever been to japan
  9. arkain47

    Sunday Sun

    when is the paper starting?
  10. yeah you can watch those online unless you neeeed to download them whiahc is long
  11. i hate coons as well but on a real really if you know thline is cummin best thing to do is spark a man in his face staright peice and knock him out . dont let him get to the point where he hypes himslf up to get brave on you. but obviously your situation was different . just hope your ok bruv
  12. it just mean watch who you jam around dont ivolve yourself with the wrong crowd and if you ever happen to witness a murder and u know the people who did you better tell police quicktime looooooooooooooooooooooooooool for they do you for murder as well thats um bullshit law but it makes sense ever so slightly
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