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  1. BMC where you at brah? We doing this tonight? 17k?! that's mad, anyone got a trial LOL
  2. B L i T Z E D


    Angry Birds brah!
  3. Don't know if anyone posted this link yet, but there's quite a bit of info on it here. It's a lot bigger than any previous COD. Don't know how much the gameplay will vary tbh.
  4. lol this is all i got now man
  5. meh, i think this will only be different for the first 3 weeks then it will go back to the regular cod camp/noobtube/server mods/glitch exploiting gameplay. IW will need a whole new game engine to make it otherwise, but that won't happen cos people buy it anyway. not gunna bother with cod tbh, unless i hear its completely epic. skyrim + battlefield 3 for me this year.
  6. LOL I had to figure out who you were before I saw this. You need to post more sir. I haven't been on here in like a year. This is my second post lol, I will be more active from now though. I need live back -.-
  7. Ill Willllllfinally made an account
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