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  1. i need an appointment only barber because i cant go back to waiting 1-2 hours for a cut.
  2. any recommendations in north. Used to go D&L's but barber aint responding back for appointments no more, long.
  3. cashoverhoes


    Just wanted to know how people are going about saving for their future and how much they have saved up. Im 28 working full time got roughly £31000 saved up looking to invest in a property in a year or two to add to my portfolio. In order to get their quicker working as many hours as possible and trying to cut out unnecessary expenses,
  4. normal is £12 appointment is £17, and he's certified he cuts dizzie rascal, anthony joshua, reggie yates and a load of other people just type in slider cuts in google.
  5. i used to have the same problems I've been reading through this thread, until i stopped all the madness and just started going to slider at D&L's in Hornsey. Appointments are £17 but you go in no waiting and your done.
  6. as for the mortgage I would probably get a fixed at 1.99% for two years and then reverts to 3.99% after that.
  7. im thinking the same to get rid of the c63 soon and get a normal diesel e class, c class etc
  8. I am a locum pharmacist mate and the wife is a teacher.
  9. I know after paying off everything we should have about £1300 a month in savings which IMO is rubbish. So rethinking the plan,
  10. i am on about £4700 a month and the wife is on about £2000 a month this is after tax etc btw and I know for a fact it will be a struggle if we purchase the house we are looking at in palmers green for about £500k. Considering the fact mortgage will be £1700 a month, council tax £142, food and other amenities will add up and running a c63 is not cheap. The thing is the way house prices are in london £500k is now typical. London is crazy!!
  11. You need to get a four year Master of Pharmacy degree (M.Pharm) and spend one year training so it takes about 5 years to become a pharmacist, however it is a stressful job (50+ hours) a week dealing with methadone patients, constantly trying to hit MUR,NMS targets etc. So the pay may be good or above the national average but you have to put in work!
  12. nope I only work 5 days a week but I dont get sick pay or paid holidays. I work for an independent, I used to work for boots they used to pay me 42k as a store based pharmacist. BTW 26 will be 27 in may
  13. locum pharmacist earn roughly £1200 a week
  14. lol nah not interested in anywhere but london
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