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  1. Mr Q

    lfc The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    Enrique has been injured. Echo says the loan fee for Sahin was actually 2 million euros.
  2. Mr Q

    lfc The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    Worst start imaginable for Brendan, but not the end of the world. Still a few signings short and the system is going to take a while. You know it's f*cked when you're bringing on Joe Cole. Suarez is sublime but it's so aggravating when he isn't putting away those chances. Dreading to see Carragher against City.
  3. Mr Q

    Two Shades of Gayle

  4. Mr Q

    NBA 2012/2013

    If Heat don't win the C'hip the big 3 are getting broken up and that would be hilarious. LeBron would look like such an idiot after his quote about 7 rings as well. But it would be an idea for them to go for Howard or a vet like Nash.
  5. Chelsea football club are the f*ck*ng european champions. I'm still dumbfounded. AVB surely gets SOME credit for their two trophies.
  6. Terry was wearing football boots! What a c*nt.
  7. Football owners on the pitch lifting the trophy? John Terry in his football kit to lift the trophy even though he was close to having cost his team, how utterly classless
  8. Mr Q

    lfc The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    Boy, Tony Evans saying Clarke leaving out of loyalty. I'm about to tweet John Henry my FM12 CV portfolio see if I can get a job.
  9. Mr Q

    Dalglish Gone

    Tronics stil talks sh*t? Jesus, acting as if Benitez won trophies 20 years ago.
  10. Mr Q

    lfc The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    Hmm, I guess the question is.. who is advising these guys on footballing issues?! Martinez favourite? DPMO. I just want a manager who won't bow to Jamie Carragher and that isn't afraid of not playing Gerrard if the team is doing well. Benitez or AVB. Lol at the delusional people who think Klopp would leave Dortmund.
  11. Mr Q

    lfc The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    Wait, does anyone work for us at this current point in time?
  12. Mr Q

    Dalglish Gone

    I see what he is saying. Kenny HATED the media, couldn't stand talking to Sky or BBC, in this sense he was just old school. It was very uncomfortable watching his interviews at time, unless they were on LFCTV
  13. Mr Q

    Dalglish Gone

    It surely has to be Rafa, we can't attract anyone bigger. And if it wasn't for those twats H&G Rafa could've built a squad instead of fighting about our ownership.
  14. Mr Q

    lfc The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    Not the right move if they employ Rodgers/Martinez.
  15. This has made my year. Euros are going to be the best comedy show on earth!