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  1. I’d agree he coulda gone harder in the verses that dizz tune was hard to watch tho bro had to lock it off some 6th form college vid
  3. Sorry guys ardest tune/vid on this page someone dispute
  4. Mate the way black brits so casually drop in some "namsayin b" type lingo when bantering has to stop!
  5. Same close friend has his own to tell Spacey likes young boys factual
  6. nah bro why u constantly so angry / man did a pirouette on the tune
  7. Giggs sounding a little lost in sauce on that
  8. South Agents mate one of the tightest crews them times
  9. Think these yanks love him more than we do
  10. just clocked the dirtee stank rebranding sick
  11. Glad someone cleared that up thought it was some avant garde style posting
  12. John Doe come lateley is right mans irresponsibility for his own health is perplexing
  13. Mic Righteous most unlikeable rapper in the uk facts
  14. Yeah I saw that show he was in the round and we weren't in the nosebleeds so it was all good / Second thoughts o2 is only 20k cap maybe it's doable
  15. corse he his a lifetime of young bimbos on his arm now he's tryna cleanse his soul through yoga and veganism
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