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  1. I'm 10 minutes in. In Summary, he reckons he's on the Juj, when in fact it sounds like he's on the Buj.
  2. Dulwich because thats where I'm from and I'm important to UK music
  3. I'm actually just getting through Wolfenstein II at the moment. Games super hard - Literally.
  4. *Checks post for accuracy* Am I winning now?
  5. No way it was that babycham???? Used to be one of my favourites way back in the day day, RIP man
  6. You can't be closest to guessing who died if the guy didn't die bro.
  7. All the best to him, I heard some shaky stuff recently but I feel boom inside when I see a black man like Tim Campbell can win The Apprentice. Terrible news about having to go withdraw £1.50 from the bank, it's not 2003 anymore unless its crack rocks what are you buying for cash with £1.50 homie?
  8. Mizchif

    Recap Topic

    I literally haven't made a topic in years. Maybe like 5 years plus who knows. What's good in your life? What did you do with the last 3 months of the year while VIP2 was away? I moved in with my girlfriend (first woman i've lived with), stopped smoking EVERYTHING and I'm going to Korea and Japan for 3 weeks next week.
  9. Mizchif

    Welcome back

    I'm actually quite invested in VIP2s success, I'm the defacto leader of our Clash Royale clan. If anyones banging that come join the clan is dying but can easily be revived
  10. Mizchif

    Welcome back

    I thought for real it had gone, i found myself checking for it more when it was down than when it was up. Up the VIP2, welcome back
  11. I GOTTA GUN SO BIGGGGGGG....Goliath gotta hold it. I GOTTA GUN SO BIGGGGGGG Maliakas p*ssy is Jealous. I GOTTA GUN SO BIGGGGGGG I pull the trigger with my Forehead. I GOTTA GUN SO BIGGGGGGG Even Luv Doc wouldn't fuck it.
  12. Heh heh "Soft Search"
  13. As a science experiment I played the first 2 seconds of "Bump and Grind" at an engagement party I was at on Saturday, twice. It didn't go down well. Results confirmed that it is no longer to play R.Kelly under any circumstance for any amount of time. I sacrificed myself for the love of music, still killed it though everyone quickly forgot.
  14. This is not a good movie bro, its hella dumb.
  15. Mizchif


    Imagine I never actually caught up!
  16. Mizchif


    This is nice advice Dub, well played. I was just going to join the "Beta bandwagon" but this altered my reply.
  17. I don't condone the use of the term, have never defended it either, but you have to ask U.S Blacks how they feel about the use of the term and white, phillipino, mexican etc people using it because it seems to be alot free'er of there than over here. White girls be saying nigga like crazy in America but doesn't look like people kick off about it. The only people I hear using the term Nigga over here are my little brothers and the homies. My white donnies from the streets wouldn't dream of it. It's weird
  18. Mizchif

    Cats vs dogs

    Man didn't rotate the picture so a next man would have to tilt his head like a dog to the side to properly view the picture. Meta
  19. Oh and I got socks and aftershave EXCLUSIVELY. But I gifted Echos, Beats Headphones, Playstation accessories, Booze, Cast Iron Pan, etc to the value of £1700 (including the cost of drinks and christmas dinner etc) Christmas is expensive. I know I ask for nothing every year but if someone could spoil me just once with like a car or new Xbox that would be sweet.
  20. No we're not. (yes we are)
  21. Mizchif

    Nye plans

    Thailand Railay beach 2 years ago. Its not about spending new years at home anymore New Years is dead. So tired from the whole Christmas Period man sat in bed with the Mrs and chilled.
  22. YOOOOOOOO~!!!! No fucking joke, this yout was in my year at secondary school!!!!! I just did a double take like what the fuck. ARHHHHHGHGHGGHH
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