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  1. Arab Muzik

    Marcus Nasty vs Swarvo

    why dont you ask him thatI don't know him i'm from NW not EastPlus SLK were more realer on road then Nasty Crew were
  2. Arab Muzik

    Marcus Nasty vs Swarvo

    It's true about 5 years Swarvo did get hit with an axe i wasn't sure if it was Marcus though
  3. Arab Muzik

    Marcus Nasty vs Swarvo

    An axe? real talk?That's deep why not just swing it out rather then do that kinda thing where u fuk with karma
  4. Arab Muzik

    Marcus Nasty vs Swarvo

    Is it true Marcus Nasty hit Swarvo with an axe?
  5. Arab Muzik

    is Akhi slang for black Pakistani?

    10 years ago hardly any of the G'd up goons from London who were black were not converting at all most were Christian or athiest but it seems now in 2009Road black guy = Muslim
  6. Arab Muzik

    is Akhi slang for black Pakistani?

    Since most Pakistanis are Muslim and black people who are Muslim get called Akhi which sounds like the short version of Pakistani
  7. Arab Muzik

    Forreducci Store Opening

    Juan Carlos has some sh*t swagger to be honest If i ever saw him in Broadway he would get robbed
  8. Arab Muzik

    Things that you think are uncivilised

    You f*ck*ng bone head.So Mill Hill, Enfield, Barnet, Whetstone, Harrow etc aren't atleast 10 miles away from Central London no?Those areas aren't in zone 4 and 5 no?Those areas aren't peaceful and country in terms of resemblance and the type of houses there no? Mostly white upper class people don't live in those areas no?
  9. Arab Muzik

    This topic got locked in whatever BECAUSE IM A CUNT.

    From da sounds of it Flirta D is da most violated Grime MC i remember someone here said Flirta used to get banged up all the time on the 189 bus in Cricklewood Can anyone here conform actually seeing Flirta getting banged up rather den just hearing about it from someone else?
  10. pr3datorz (1 year ago) ye das tru he got bangd by mill hill boys all the time in norf westi kno heds who banged him aswel shervin and dem kapansa (1 year ago) Yh manz live in harrow n i herd dat but didnt belive it raidak42 (1 year ago) flirta got put in the bin in bedford glimpz2007 (1 year ago) wtf, LOL, WE FUKIN CAUGHT HIM SLIPPIN, IN FUKIN HARROW, HE WAS SOO SHOOK RUNIN AWAY LIKE A PRICK SmokeyB3atz (1 year ago) why u lyin' man about flirta d slippin in your endz glimpz2007 (1 year ago) flirta d, p*ssy, my guys caught him slippin SmokeyB3atz (1 year ago) I believe you since you said Harrow, he is all ways slippin in Norf Weezie.I seen him slippin in Harlesden
  11. Arab Muzik

    Who's was da best in Slew Dem

  12. Arab Muzik

    So Solid are coming back?!

    You live in Hertfordshire you shouldn't listen to So Solid stick to Westlife b
  13. Arab Muzik

    This post that someone made is just outta line

    YOU ya bumberclart... (no deal or no deal)Stfu pussyholelol NO! u stfu and make me a f*ck*ng curry u curry king c*nt... now go!!!I'm not Asian or Arabian you dikhead i'm whiteArab Muzik is a Music Producer for Dipset you doughnut
  14. Arab Muzik

    This post that someone made is just outta line

    YOU ya bumberclart... (no deal or no deal)Stfu pussyhole