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  1. Week 30 - 16/17 Premier League

    What's Lukaku's goal record vs top 6 this season compared to other strikes?
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    What spot?
  5. Week 30 - 16/17 Premier League

    Mata,Jones, Smalling out for the season Fellaini 50/50 Herrera and Ibra suspended / Wilcock in the travelling party https://vine.co/v/5rKXLQKebVW/card?api=1&hideControls=1 / 3hunna is back in time to save our season
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    They do say autistic kids can't detect sarcasm
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  9. A complete list of plants

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    @O Fenomeno any truth in the speculation?
  11. Bape made me forget about Imhim
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    Pmsl at the screaming
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    Pos for different strokes reference
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    Crack The week wait is killing me
  15. The Music Video Thread

    Who else from RSGs is in the current line up? See DRz still inside, Alan B on that next wave