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  1. El Nino


    how old is Louise portrayed to be in 'Enders?
  2. the PS3 MW2 scene is kinda dead TBH, someone needs to revive this sh*t
  3. soz mate, i cant reveal private info like that, their undercover prozzies, & they dont want anyone hotting them up
  4. Yeah watched this earlier. Show is cringe though. Otis is a massive bounty. lol i wouldnt call Otis a bounty, i'd call him more civilised, just because he doesnt go around using slang doesnt make him a bounty
  5. lol nah it was something like £4.99 still, plus i accidentally left my wallet back @ yard in a rush
  6. to my local Salon, the women that work their offer nookie as frequently as they chop off people's barnets for the same price as a shape-up, you can go upstairs & give them a working out
  7. going into Chicken Cottage & ordering a Fillet Burger & Wings Meal, then while the mans preparing it, i realised i didnt have enough Pee, so i slyly ducked out the shop unnoticed lol
  8. El Nino


    they couldnt really make Phil thump Ronnie, as much as i would of loved to seen him do so, it would be disturbing for alot of viewers, & the complaints BBC would have received.................
  9. did anyone watch The Gadget Show last night? where they done The Pit training course in Virtual MW2 & in Reality Jason murked that Real-Life Soldier cleanly in the end
  10. El Nino

    Fucking Cunts.

    Alan Titchmarsh is such a f*ck*ng twat, he cant even say the games name correctly, he said "Call Of Duty 2: Modern Warfare", what a d*ckhead plus i swear he's a gardener, WTF is he doing presenting a day-time chat show?
  11. Bazz Mahti (Basmati Rice)
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