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  1. not worth the risk lool.... no risk imo they battered chelsea at SB but failed to score/wasted chances gonna be different at the NC
  2. barca @ 2/7 100 returns 128.57 easy money
  3. Ghkjjh H Hhjhcgh Jheez Welbz and nani >>>> Again f*ck toney
  4. The link up between cm and cf is non existent. Crying out for a cm that can get forward and create chances and score goals. All our attacks are coming from the wings. Jelavic is class Felliani and piennar are bossing
  5. Shrewsbury Spurs Man utd Man city 15 returns 92
  6. Lulz That cannot be the arm of a 23 year old
  7. Rsonists fav former spurs player? Stephen carr
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