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  1. Does anyone have a link to this fight?
  2. Southwesttwo

    Another one

    RIP to the lady though
  3. Did you know him personally?
  4. Southwesttwo

    Another one

    87-year-old great-grandmother is stabbed to death at her home in Lewisham A great grandmother stabbed to death in her flat by 'callous cowards' was a pillar of the community, neighbours said today. Local residents, who identified the victim as widow Irene Barrett, 87, said they were 'disgusted' by the attack. Ms Barrett was found with multiple stab wounds at her 15th floor flat in Valiant House, a high rise block near Charlton Athletic football stadium. A man in his 20s was arrested this afternoon in connection with the murder, police sources said. Forensic officers were scouring the scene throughout the day. A murder inquiry room has been set up at Lewisham police station under Detective Chief Inspector Cliff Lyons of the homicide and serious crime command. Fighting back tears, neighbour Claire Pickett, 30, said: 'I just do not understand how anyone could do this. 'She was such a lovely lady. She used to knit blankets for premature babies and animals at Battersea Dogs Home. 'She even made a blanket for my baby when it was born. She was like a grandmother for all the young children here. 'A lot of her friends had died so she really was like the last one.' Mrs Barrett's friend Dennis Burgess, 73, said her flat was like 'Buckingham Palace'. Of her attacker, he added: "It has got to be someone that actually lived here - why would someone carry out a burglary on the 15th floor? 'Although any Tom, d*ck or Harry could get through the entrance, they would have to try hundreds of doors before getting to hers. 'She was so house proud. It was a beautiful flat, like Buckingham Palace.' DCI Lyons said: 'This is a violent attack resulting in the death of an elderly lady in her own home. At this early stage we believe this is a burglary which has escalated into murder. 'I would appeal to anyone who knows anything about this incident to contact the police immediately.' Anyone with information is urged to contact the incident room at Lewisham on 020 8721 4961 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1278633/Police-launch-murder-hunt-burglary-led-fatal-stabbing-great-grandmother-described-pillar-community.html#ixzz0o2UzDXj5
  5. Good riddens fat boy. Bring on the Conservatives.
  6. your boat irritates me do something about it Nah, I like it just the way it is.
  7. You know, I was actually considering getting one. Thanks for reminding.
  8. Southwesttwo

    Another one

    Man, 19, stabbed to death at Tube station. A 19-year-old man was stabbed to death last night, Scotland Yard said today. Officers are examining CCTV footage to find out whether the teenager was attacked inside or outside Finsbury Park Tube station before midnight last night. Police were called around 11.20pm and the man was taken to hospital but he died shortly after arriving. The victim has not yet been formally identified. Officers appealed for witnesses to call 0300 123 1212 with information. Police had cordoned off part of an underpass at the Tube station today, as well as a section of Seven Sisters Road which runs underneath a series of railway bridges. Forensic officers were examining the area around a bus stop, where a number 254 bus and another single decker had been left empty. Last night's stabbing death comes as a 16-year-old boy was charged with the murder of a teenager who was stabbed to death on Wednesday. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1275573/Police-study-CCTV-man-19-stabbed-death-Tube-station.html#ixzz0nRHPsgeu We could be on course to beat the bumper year of 08 that saw about 29 teen murders.
  9. Not feeling it. Why can't these niggas stay true to their grime roots? How's grime meant to grow as a genre and become mainstream with disloyal grime artists? If he's going to take this route, he might aswell do a duet with Robbie williams. It's amazing what people do for pound sterling ey?
  10. Absolutely nothing. That unelected one eyed swine is still our PM.
  11. Southwesttwo

    Broken Britain

    No offense, but Asians just can't win a fight without 20 of their guys behind them.
  12. bruv stealling cant be given a blind eye. if they was stealing money from you im sure you wouldnt just let it be because "he is doing his ting" or "he is hustling to live" or *insert generic ghetto philosphies*. if they got caught thats their own fault and they gotta face the consequences. Not only that, but a lot of these murderers, rapist and other major offenders usually start off as petty offenders. That's one thing I've noticed from reading many news paper aticles on high profile cases, they were always previously known to the police. Statistically, most law breakers go on to re-offend. Why wait until they rape or murder someone before you lock them up? I do believe people deserve a second chance in life though, but how many people would be willing to give a second chance if it was their mother, sister , niece, ect, being targeted for robberies, violence or fraud?
  13. The tunes alright I guess, but I'm feeling the video though. Grime has come a long way, that's if you call this type of music ''grime.''
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