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  1. Beg you man do a step by step guide for dummies Safe. http://youtu.be/wj6H_rztGes
  2. Only thing reliable atm are the Android boxes with Kodi installed. Everything else is too intermittent/short term (Dreambox etc) wetek play I can vouch for; http://www.wetekplay.co.uk
  3. Where in Notts? I been out places like Bowery club and Rock City and seen some worldclass lighties but the quantity wasn't anything out of the ordinary.
  4. This guy is hilarious. Deffo was indirecting DVS when talking about borrowing next mans chains in their videos. Their reaction to the question "Is there any excuse to be broke?" NTFR need to calm down with all these trap rappers though, rather see some talented UK artists now.
  5. Jamzilla

    JA Wealth Scam

    Probably because they have a tighter/larger community over here and its easier for them to get others to sign up. One black guy that was doing it and try promote it at the barbers one time LOL the way he was getting mocked. We don't believe in these get rich schemes
  6. Jamzilla

    JA Wealth Scam

    LOL so many people in my ear about this sh*t, even had couple guys come to my house to conduct a presentation to me ACN = American Communications Network Started off in the US selling video phones or something but now has people selling services like gas/elec and line rentals Seen the vid of that Ahmed guy and his boys posing in their whips copped with ACN money lol Joke ting
  7. Jamzilla

    DVS (PDC)

    Sounded decent first listen tbh link; http://www30.zippyshare.com/v/32978783/file.html
  8. Jamzilla

    NBA 2013/14

    The timings are a killer, you can usually catch the full game coverage the next day in the evening (ESPN) Wednesday has some good games at a decent time, but not sure if its about spending the whole of Christmas watching pure basketball.
  9. Jamzilla

    NBA 2013/14

    Not a suppoerter of one particular team but I have watched Indiana the most the season. Always have liked the ball movement and defence but this season they look really really good. Despite losing last night. Their main guy Paul George is an MVP Contender, Lebron was trying to bully him Wednesday. / Some good games to watch next week over the holiday period; Tuesday Miami Heat vs Atlanta Hawks 24/12 00:30 - BT Sport 1 Wednesday Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls 25/12 17:00 - BT Sport 1 NY Knicks vs Oklahoma City Thunder 25/12 19:30 - BT Sport 1 LA Lakers vs Miami Heat 25/12 22:15 - BT Sport 1 Thursday San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets 26/12 01:00 - BT Sport 1 Golden State Warriors vs LA Clippers 26/12 03:30 - BT Sport1 Friday Houston Rockets vs Memphis Grizzlies 27/12 01:00 - BT Sport 1 Portland Trailblazers vs LA Clippers 27/12 03:30 - BT Sport 1 Saturday Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns 28/12 03:30 - BT Sport 1 Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers 28/12 18:00 - BT Sport 1
  10. As for Mixes; " Scholar's SAW SAW8CD2 - Chill " is a personal. https://soundcloud.com/scholartee/saw8cd2 Not sure for others this year, I'm still listening to stuff from 2012.
  11. Jamzilla

    NBA 2013/14

    Didn't even know about this thread. Lakers have no chance against Heat on the 25th Any Pacers fans here?
  12. http://www.bitcoinexpo.co.uk Worth going if you can. Gonna be a bunch of sellers there plus it's free
  13. Just over 100 - got in when they were around £20 each. The guy I got them from was an early miner that would only do meetups and sell if you were buying in bulk. Spoke to him the other day and he said he doesn't have 1 BTC to his name - the demand has been dumb. / Anyone serious about this digital currency thing, look into mining one (not bitcoin). All the info is out there.
  14. Fully cashed mine out in July and got a mortgage. I try not to think about how much it would be worth now if I'd kept them.
  15. Durk >> But Lil Bibby and Lil Herb are the next up out of Chicago. They're affiliated with Durk and Fredo. http://www.datpiff.com/Lil-Herb-Lil-Bibby-The-Best-Of-Lil-Herb-Lil-Bibby-Heir-Apparents-mixtape.485302.html
  16. BigKid use to cane these Delight FM days
  17. tbf If you've been following Bitcoins for a while you would have seen crashes before; http://www.forbes.com/sites/timothylee/2013/04/11/an-illustrated-history-of-bitcoin-crashes/ Theres a website where you can trade your bitcoins for gold/silver; http://www.amagimetals.com/ 1Oz gold bar = 13.59 BTC
  18. The bottom two colourways dropped in Footlocker last week.
  19. R.A, Kyze, Giggs (Before Walk in Da Park), Tempman (back in the day), Shak
  20. Offspring in Kingston have a few OG huaraches left £85. Cop a size up from whatever size you are.
  21. Jamzilla

    ASAP Rocky

    Dunno how to edit post but link died.
  22. Jamzilla

    ASAP Rocky

    Long Live A$AP Album leaked http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/25177278/file.html
  23. He's still got his job at Beazley... That's the update.
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