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  1. This is fuct prepare for state of emergency who knows whats gonna happen by end of the week. plix.
  2. a bit peak tbh man lost his jerb and all took it on the chin even his new car! taking it well dayum id sh*t a brick tbf. BUT seems this is not di case.. ....So my man came on the forum giving it the biggun with his porkies even added on the car bit to sell the story... Meanwhile hes owning another deev site yeh ?! nah THIS NIGGA PLAYING GAMES! who you foolin dun goof'd yer whoal werld You know you done f*cked up right and you gonna pay shieeet.
  3. Thread is peak vip2 keeps delivering. Deeper than life mans got a 30 min timer on his career.
  4. So i need -a client - a provider - and somewhere to download files from right? whats the best free one for windows? still this sounds sick ive always seen them but never cared to get involved ive been missing out / Are sites like filestube nzb sites?
  5. LevelLouie


    pmsl man got taken into the fray
  6. LevelLouie


    pmsl man got taken into the fray
  7. LevelLouie


    pmsl man got taken into the fray
  8. man mentioned trolls and forgot the army of tulses on the site
  9. Lens where is the the footlocker riddem comin out??
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