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  1. Fantasy Premier League 17/18 (PLUS NEW GAME)

    Dean Ashton joined the league today. sign up ppl!
  2. Fantasy Premier League 17/18 (PLUS NEW GAME)

    www.fantasy-footballrus.co.uk £20 entry cash league I done it last year, 1st place got like £400 2nd £270 3rd £150 4th £100 5th £70 every month manager of the month got £30 winner of head to head league got £150 couple ex pros in the league to. sign up! (The more involved the higher the prize money)
  3. ViP2 Fantasy Premier League 16/17

    3rd place, not to shabby ? / I'm down for a cash league next season on here too.
  4. Harry Kane - Here To Stay or Gone Tomorrow?

    Just Imagine if Romelu Lukaku was a white English lad called Mark Smith...
  5. Senor Tony Adams

    Nah not today Thozz
  6. Senor Tony Adams

    As long as Spain doesn't pop his chain like they did G.Nev I will be proud of Tony.
  7. Granit Xhaka

    Xhaka has looked poor. But Elneny.... Elneny is the type of player I despise. The guy plays like a faggot. Even off the pitch the guy is mincing around the tunnel acting like he's some smiley smiley guy. Makes my blood boil. Elneny needs to be shown the door now.
  8. Hov pulls all music from spotify

    Hov did that so hopefully you wouldn't have to go through that.
  9. Pepsi - Black lives matter advert

    People still drink fizzy drinks in 2017 Grown adults...
  10. Grand National 2016

    Stuck a £10 on Tenor Nivernais
  11. Official Betting Thread

    Came out of retirement and lost approx £450 since. think I'll slap £10 on the Grand National and call it day tbh. Gambling and me are through.
  12. Official Betting Thread

    Cesena win Entella win £40 @2.33 returns £93.34
  13. Week 30 - 16/17 Premier League

    Really? tell me more...
  14. Official Betting Thread

    Bet 2. Man City win -1 handicap (in play) £15.70 @2.25 returns £34.88
  15. Official Betting Thread

    £10 > £10,000 in 10 bets bet 1. Brisbane Roar win (in play) £10 @1.57 returns £15.70