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  1. Bobby Reds

    Suit Rental

  2. Bobby Reds

    Suit Rental

    不 不
  3. Bobby Reds

    Words u wish people would stop sayin..

    Topics like this just make me realise again how much I hate niggas like seriously
  4. Bobby Reds

    Words u wish people would stop sayin..

    When you UK niggas use the term 10 toes to indicate someone was running... CRINGE
  5. Bobby Reds

    Words u wish people would stop sayin..

    Its supposed to be "bust down" But as usual you UK niggas take a next country slang and get it wrong, so cringe
  6. Bobby Reds

    Suit Rental

    Fellas, where is the go to place for suit rentals these days... Need one for next week friday. Any tips etc. for when doing this
  7. Bobby Reds

    NFTR - Not For The Radio (Interviews)

    不不不 I dunno why this tweet cracks me up who is even talking about 不不
  8. Bobby Reds

    live Week 14 & 15 - 18/19 Premier League

    Just came in to say fucc off you Spurs cunts! What a performance!! North London is REDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD AND FUCC YOU RSONIST AS ALWAYS.
  9. Bobby Reds

    Nasty things you did as a yout

    Eat abominable foods
  10. Bobby Reds

    Brushing Your Teeth

  11. Bobby Reds

    Winter has arrived 18/19

    That dude with the knife has no idea how much of tramp he is/was looking Thats a real nigger right there, and I dont mean that as a term of endearment ethier
  12. Bobby Reds

    hiphop Tekashi 6ix9ine

    basically the bobby shmurda charge
  13. Bobby Reds

    hiphop Tekashi 6ix9ine

  14. Bobby Reds

    hiphop Dipset back together?

    Dis shit light
  15. Bobby Reds

    Racism In Football

    Meanwhile Teddys living lavish now, while Rudduck is living in squalor. Retard Rudduck more like...