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  1. Bobby Reds

    i miss brisco and esq

    The Opa-locka Goon Brisco?
  2. Bobby Reds

    Strictly curse

  3. Bobby Reds

    Nile Ranger

    This dude will never grow up. 27 year old still talking about "my peoples" and "becah (because)"
  4. Bobby Reds

    Work & Life

  5. Bobby Reds

    Work & Life

    Are you a muslim?
  6. Bobby Reds

    Poker game £100 buy in

  7. Bobby Reds

    live Week 01 - 18/19 Premier League

    ? Spent the whole time hiding on the pitch...
  8. Bobby Reds

    Fantasy Premier League 18/19

    Nice one. In
  9. Bobby Reds

    Brits Abroad - Footballers Playing Overseas

    Not necessarily a good thing. If Lamps gets off to a bad start as a new boss, he might put his trust in experienced pros rather than youth...
  10. Bobby Reds

    Outside London UK & Europe Clubbing

    Cheers for the tips boys Vermont sold out, and cant really do the apartment, looks like crowne plaza it is...
  11. Bobby Reds

    Outside London UK & Europe Clubbing

    Newcastle - What is the best hotel with location to the clubs, nothing less than 4* Was picking between Indigo Hotel / Crowne Plaza / Vermont. Anyone stayed at any of these?
  12. Bobby Reds

    Fantasy Premier League 17/18 (PLUS NEW GAME)

    Dean Ashton joined the league today. sign up ppl!
  13. Bobby Reds

    Fantasy Premier League 17/18 (PLUS NEW GAME)

    www.fantasy-footballrus.co.uk £20 entry cash league I done it last year, 1st place got like £400 2nd £270 3rd £150 4th £100 5th £70 every month manager of the month got £30 winner of head to head league got £150 couple ex pros in the league to. sign up! (The more involved the higher the prize money)