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  1. I gotta break EVERYTHING down to you rock head niggas init ?
  2. 9 days later and you niggas care more about pics you took 10 years ago...
  3. in 2019 with all the information and history of the music business readily accessible, any niggas that gets ripped off in the music business I have no sympathy for whatsoever.
  4. Tamaraebi Abraham turned down a loan to Wolves At least he knows his level.
  5. yawn Nothing will happen, in two weeks time this will all be forgotten and the social media peeps will be into something else
  6. Bobby Reds

    Nye plans

    Clubbing at undisclosed location outside the m25 Being single and clubbing on NYE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  7. Them pussyholes werent gonna do that. You got your white guy with the trolley screaming get out the car like a lunatic, when the car door opened he's doing nothing.... actors
  8. Jake don’t understand Dubai police will through you in some any dungeon with no human rights doing this dumb shit damn niggas
  9. Topics like this just make me realise again how much I hate niggas like seriously
  10. When you UK niggas use the term 10 toes to indicate someone was running... CRINGE
  11. Its supposed to be "bust down" But as usual you UK niggas take a next country slang and get it wrong, so cringe
  12. Fellas, where is the go to place for suit rentals these days... Need one for next week friday. Any tips etc. for when doing this
  13. ??? I dunno why this tweet cracks me up who is even talking about ??
  14. Just came in to say fucc off you Spurs cunts! What a performance!! North London is REDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD AND FUCC YOU RSONIST AS ALWAYS.
  15. That dude with the knife has no idea how much of tramp he is/was looking Thats a real nigger right there, and I dont mean that as a term of endearment ethier
  16. basically the bobby shmurda charge
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