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  1. Cerny

    Welcome back

    What a blast from the past. It’s been years since i’ve been back here
  2. was such a sick night - wanna live it over and over again
  3. last night was fuckin epic. didn't expect to win if im honest, but damn, that shit was crazy
  4. been a while star.. i'll catch you there
  5. Cerny

    RWD Forum Throwback

    came back for the memories, good times
  6. oh how i miss venting on here.
  7. The worst part of being stabbed, isnt being stabbed, its when the adrenaline and shock wears off in the hospital, and you have to get the local anesthetic shank again
  8. 10/11 not a morning person at all
  9. Cerny


    What was BBCs role in all of this?
  10. Cerny

    A/S/L ???

    20something M The Sticks
  11. I use raw's. Everything else just tastes nasty after I tried raws. I feel the exact same way. Rizla now come like A4 compared to RAW
  12. What papers does everyone use? I used to swear by blue slims, but Raw's are my preference now
  13. Gayle pre-existed isanyoneup.com, he was probably the inspiration just looked at the link again, Hunter Moore is PISSSSED
  14. Ferity was the biggest mug ever. Imma have to put aylesbury allstars 'buss red light' on the ipod now
  15. wouldnt put it past him, he's done worse
  16. http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?p=60613825
  17. pain, he still about? did rbx ever resurface?
  18. who was the yout that passed out during gettin head from his girl or some f*ckry like that
  19. how far are ya'll willing to take this?
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