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  1. Hideandseek

    Diddy is now>>>Jay Z

    Real talk... Birdman deffo got that hidden in wall money, prob most of them do, Other day I was reading Leona Lewis was in top something uk, worth around 15mill How? She ghost writing?
  2. Hideandseek


    Gonna sign up for this.. needed a van the other day and couldn't get ahold of one - this however will do me nicely.
  3. Hideandseek


    wow 2 years? Had a few claims and think longest was around 4-6 months.
  4. Hideandseek

    Funny how life can change in a week

    lmao who is SHOCK? LOL i was DOGSH!T on RWD then i was POTATO, but when the mods done that changeover it F'ed up my profile so now im SHOCK Na she's young still. I'll look after her though But yeah thanks i will be smart. i have to be anyway. They trusted me. Its not just my Grandma its my Grandad aswell but he passed in 2005, so all his pension, savings etc went straight to my gran. But yeah if your grandparents are still alive, call them, go visit them. When your old family is what keeps you going through all them aches and pains. I'm happy but not happy if you get me. Yeah im kinda caked but would give all that back to go catch some jokes with the grandparents and eat some REAL jamaican food, not that fake sh*t in brown eagle etc If your out this weekend in London and your a house raver im gona be that bruddah in the middle of the dance floor cutting shapes with all them bottles. Tuesday time to get to business Sorry on your loss and congrats on your gain! Did you find out why she left it all to you? I would be pretty pissed if she passed me off and gave it to all say my brother or sister... pretty weird twist to the story. Also take a drive down to birms this weekend, circoloco is happening! ... but no house raver needs bottles :!:
  5. Hideandseek


    Circoloco Birmingham this weekend.... the countdown is nearly over!!
  6. Hideandseek

    Video Thread (No Music Vids)

    What nobody told them man a plane crashed in Siberia?
  7. Hideandseek


    Love is crazy, one of those things that's impossible to understand till you have felt it and been through it. Most of the time it's a blessing, sometimes a curse...
  8. Hideandseek


    lol @ those shows being the benchmark for quality drama lol @ those shows being the benchmark for quality drama lol @ you thinking 24 is not in top 3 selected.
  9. Hideandseek


    what's homeland saying?
  10. Hideandseek

    VIP2 MOVIE CLUB pt.2

  11. Hideandseek

    Samsung Note, Anyone used?

    Got this yesterday. Taking me a while to get used to it, still got alot of sh*t I don't know how to do but it's very impressive, screen is crystal clear and alot of features... samsung version of siri seems to work alot better... As a phone, feels quite big in your hand and ever bigger when putting it your ear... prob get used to it.
  12. Hideandseek

    VIP2 MOVIE CLUB pt.2

    Sat down and watched this randomly a couple months ago as my sister was watching it, was laughing all the way through - too much jokes and would recommend it! Annie >>>
  13. Hideandseek

    VIP2 MOVIE CLUB pt.2

    French cinema!!
  14. Hideandseek

    Samsung Note, Anyone used?

    A very messy weekend in Amsterdam, ended up loosing two phones - knew I should of set that locate my iPhone sh*t up. Thanks for the replies, looks like a cop... just don't know what life is like without iPhone, been using it for years now!
  15. Hideandseek

    hiphop Rick Rawse

    Went to the concert in Amsterdam, At the moment was live but looking back at it was overly sh*t, came played like 5/6 tunes, nothing from the mixtape and for the best rapper in the game right now was a pisstake. What was London saying?