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  1. probably one of the best mixtapes out this year, and I don't just mean UK Rap
  2. Sho Shallow and Ard Adz have one of the biggest underground buzzes in the streets of UK Rap. Brixton's dynamic duo release their new mixtape, 'Salute Me Or Shoot Me', as a free download. Grab it here at the true home of UK Rap from the link below. Satisfaction guaranteed. Tracklisting: 01. Intro 02. Bring Bricky Back (Feat. Looch) 03. Our Empire (Feat. Bellzey) (Prod. By Versechild) 04. Everybody's Violent 05. Windy (Feat. John Wayne) 06. Days Of Our Lives 07. Yo Ziggy 08. Move From Me (Feat. Chase) 09. Hometown 10. Weed Up (Feat. Sainer) 11. Skit 12. Thump Her Up 13. Revenge (Feat. John Wayne) 14. Pain 15. Dreams Money Can Buy 16. Daydream (Feat. Sainer, Looch, CB, Johny Wayne & Swingers) 17. Smoke Weed 18. Back Again (Feat. Sneakbo, Fivestar & Bellzy) 19. Bodys Onda Floor http://urm.fm/smosm
  3. USG have had a roller-coaster of a year, the highs and jubilation of K Koke's signing to the lows and bleakness of his incarceration. While the big dogs been in the pound, the puppies have grown, learnt to bark and learnt to bite. Man in the shadows, Exo, steps into the spotlight and is ready and willing to shine brighter than ever before, he is ready to radiate. Today is his day, this is his appointment... Download Exo's 'The Appointment' and realise why he deserves as much attention as Koke. ukrapmusic.com proudly present Exo, The Appointment, download exclusively from the link below. Tracklisting: 01. My Thoughts (Intro) 02. You Know 03. Here We Go Again (Feat. Squingy & Lefty) 04. Dark Whips 05. I Talk To You 06. Flyer Than I've Ever Been (Feat. Lefty & Miski) 07. My City (Feat.Young Mad B & Squingy) 08. Lets Talk Sex 09. Show N Prove 10. All Eyez On Me (Feat. Dru Blu, Squingy & Young Mad 11. I'll Be (Feat. Don Jaga) 12. Alpinista (Feat. Alvos Da Lei) 13. Devil In Disguise (Feat. Babz (S4P) & Young Marv (OTB)) 14. My Thoughts 2 (Outro) 15. Mountain Bike (Bonus) 16. Link Up TV (Bonus 2) 17. Fire In The Booth (Bonus 3) http://urm.fm/theappointment
  4. #MixtapeMonday Without a doubt Timbar's No Manners With It is considered a UK Rap classic, so it's with great pleasure that we bring to you the first full solo project since then, Timbar's 'Hidden Files'. Download it below directly from ukrapmusic.com Tracklisting: 01. Intro (Mykal Million) 02. New Wave (Feat. Komoshen) (Prod. By Gappy) 03. 32 Bars Of Truth (Prod. By Sirens) 04. Threat 2 Da Game (Feat. Vile Greeze) (Prod. By Sirens) 05. Life's Cold (Prod. By Loco) 06. Still Doing Crime (Prod. By Loco) 07. 32 Bars Of Truth Pt. 2 (Prod. By Sirens) 08. Ranks Freestyle (Prod. By Ranks) 09. Da Illist (Feat. M.A & Sticks) (Prod. By Dice) 10. Goin In (Feat. Bar4Bar) (Prod. By Dice) 11. Cold Days (Prod. By Dice) 12. Definition Of A Hitman (Prod. By Gappy) 13. 1 Away Bride (Prod By Ranks) 14. Meet Me At Da Yard (Feat. Notes & John Wayne) (Prod. By Versa Beatz) 15. Dreams (Feat. Propane & Treat) (Bonus Track) http://urm.fm/hiddenfiles
  5. The wait is over. It's finally here. The single most anticipated mixtape of the year so far. VersA Beatz and YungDC present 'The Supplierz'. Featuring the very best of the UK Rap scene spitting over 21 banging tracks produced by these two amazingly talented producers. Grab it now here and don't miss out. Free Dowload. Tracklisting: 01. Propane & Joe Black - First Degree (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 02. Sticks - Gunz (Prod By. YungDC) 03. Timbar, Notes & Johnny Guns - Meet Me By The Yard Part 2 (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 04. Trips - Fire In The Booth (Prod By. YungDC) 05. Lazee feat. Spike Corleone & Mack Dice - Around Here (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 06. Squingy, Menace & Exo - USG Freestyle (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 07. PakMan - Highs & Low (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 08. K-Locc - My Life (Prod By. YungDC) 09. Krept & Konan - The Dunya (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 10. Haze - Tomorrow (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 11. Sway - Popular (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 12. Fee Fee - www.stupidflows.com (Prod By. YungDC) 13. Maveric - Pac-Man (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 14. Dirty Danger, Tinchy Stryder & Words - Fleestyle (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 15. Amnesia, Romo, GT, Meeks, Opiffawana & MalikMD7 - Birmingham City (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 16. Timbar feat. Skrilla Kid Villain - Small Change (Prod By. The Supplierz) 17. G-Frsh feat. Royston - How Was I To Know (Prod By. VersA Beatz) 18. Bar4Bar - That's What Happens (Prod By. YungDC) 19. Notes feat. Taymah - True (Prod By. YungDC) 20. TE - Coldest Summer Nights (Prod By. YungDC) 21. Cel22 feat. Lay-Z & Frisco - Let Me Go (Prod By. VersA Beatz) http://urm.fm/thesupplierz
  6. Best UK Rap album released last year
  7. Track 15 is the one, gonna suprise a plenty
  8. Thank you. Much appreciated
  9. Hey i'm a co-founder of www.ukrapmusic.com. We'd like to get a link up going with you guys where you become an affiliate forum.We produce a lot of mixtapes and host a lot of exclusive free downloads from some of the biggest names in uk rap, we also produce music video, visual interviews and behind the scenes etc.We was wondering if we could post some of the stuff on your forum even give your members exclusive access before hand to some stuff, what do you think?Hit me up, lets get a dialogue going.Thanks
  10. Featured Artists: Amnesia, Romo, GT, Meeks, Opiffawana & Malik MD7 Produced By: Versa Beats / The Supplierz Off the upcoming The Supplierz mixtape which will be released 7th February 2011 as an exclusive free download from ukrapmusic.com. The Supplierz mixtape also features the massive Johnny Guns, Timbar and Notes epic Meet Me By The Yard 2 for which the video is in post production. Also on The Supplierz mixtape will be tracks by Joe Black, Sway, PDC, SK Villain and pretty much anybody else that's rated in UK Rap Don't forget 7th February 2010 for free download exclusively on URM No-one is f*ck*ng with our video levels, real talk, if you can't see that your either blind, biased or indenial, but say nuffin till 5th Febuary when the meet me by the yard 2 video drops, subscribe to the channel if you ain't already because subscribers will get access to the videos 2-3 days before everyone else. Birmingham Cityyyyyy BBIR BIRMINGHAM CITY
  11. Rootsman, finally unleashes his labour of love, the 'Determined Nature' mixtape exclusive to URM as a free download. Completed in merely a matter of weeks and recorded in an astounding 3 days, Determined Nature by no means is a one-away it is infact just what it says on the tin. Download now one of the realest mixtapes you'll ever come across. Tracklisting: 01. Bosey (Intro) 02. Bosey (Feat. SK) 03. Go Ard (Feat. KC) 04. All Starz (feat. Killz, KC, S. Man) 05. Natural Tone 06. Years Go By 07. Niggaz Going Broke 08. The Ting Go (Feat. Rince) 09. I Think I'm (Feat KC) 10. Get It In 11. Aminesia Skit 12. Jim Carey Rapper (Feat. KC) 13. Fuk Ur Favorite Rapper 14. Never Go Broke (Feat. Splash) 15. Here For A Min 16. Determined Nature 17. Beat It Up (Feat. SK, KC, Rince) 18. Fuk Fedz 19. R.I.P. Kevlin Skit 20. Kevlin On Da Strip 21. Doesn't Make Sense 22. Kevlin Tribute http://urm.fm/determinednature
  12. GTS are back with the follow up to their popular 'Live From Tha Trap', Crime, Dock and co are back with the new trapper soundtrack 'Drugs, Sex and Dongu', welcome to life on the corner. Download this big tape now... Tracklisting: 01. Crime - Pans Labrinth [Family 1st] (Prod. By The Surrogate) 02. GTS Mob- Lean Up 03. GTS Mob - Say Nuttin (Prod. By The Surrogate) 04. GTS Mob - Get It In (Prod. By The Surrogate) 05. GTS Mob - We Get Gyal (Remixed By The Surrogate) 06. Rampage-Murder Dance 07. GTS Mob(Bc Da Bossman) - Strap On 08. GTS Mob (Feat. Flash) - deuces 09. Crime - Boom Bye (Prod. By The Surrogate) 10. GTS Mob - Starz In The Sky (Prod. By The Surrogate) 11. GTS Mob- Sunrise (Prod. By The Surrogate) 12. GTS Mob - Rock Boyz (Prod. By The Surrogate) 13. GTS Mob(Feat. Shackman I.O.C) - Kruddy Musick (Prod. By The Surrogate) 14. Crime (Feat. Bc Da Bossman) - Product Of The Ghetto 15. GTS Mob - Pillow Talking (Remixed By The Surrogate) 16. Crime (Feat. Brown) - Johnny Get Busy (Prod. By Renagade) 17. GTS Mob - Tryna Get Ahead (Prod. By The Surrogate) 18. Flash - Crossroads (Prod. By Renagade) 19 GTS Mob - For Your Love (Prod. By The Surrogate) 20. Crime(Feat. Brown) - Can Hear This 21. Naja Soze(Feat. Crime) Stories We Tell (Prod. By Lou Pocus) 22. Crime (Feat. I.O.C) - No Handouts (Prod. By Lou Pocus) 23. Crime - My Precious 24. GTS Mob - Make It (Prod. By The Surrogate) http://urm.fm/drugssexdongu
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