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    I love football, I love girls who play sports, especially football sports. So I look forward to this version of FIFA 16 :)

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  1. betting company not a news company when it comes to football anyway
  2. yeah this is where labour failed a lot of people if businesses were making a killing off of migrant workers, a little tax here and there to go towards the natives and retraining or whatever else would have made a huge difference I still remember that old woman that Brown called a bigot lolsmh what she said was quite mild compared to the sort of stuff you get in rags these days
  3. Think he is really talking about the north south divide more than anything else / @Gambino that comment about living off of the taxes migrant workers bring in is the realist thing you ever wrote if there's one demographic that puts in more than they take out it's them migrant workers that go back to their country to retire
  4. didn't expect a murder suicide
  5. Does enemy placement change with ng+ in bloodbourne?
  6. if only i could be so grossly incandescent \[Y]/
  7. Love a bit of natural hang
  8. Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le Chile Chile!
  9. it's not even about the football anymore for your lot, is it?
  10. at least at home, you gotta create a draft 2 open windows and a fan
  11. Great stream / The twin blades before you upgraded them <<<<<
  12. Some jovial stabs
  13. Was about to finish off House of Cards and your stream started Souls >>> Netflix Originals
  14. Lol I see a 9 min vid and was thinking "he didn't, did he?" Gg Cinder
  15. Yeah wish I knew you were streaming I'd have been there