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  1. they lost yesterday and his deflection is still near the top of r/soccer
  2. Zizouz

    FIFA 18

    left the club gonna find a place with regulars and consistent timing heavy heart and all that
  3. made better contact on the clearance than that American defender and all
  4. I've never seen that technique before hopped on the "standing" leg
  5. sick of this guy already everytime he scores even the most average goal, reddit loses its collective mind
  6. I get the feeling that aint the first time he's done that
  7. got less than 2 years left on his contract and he aint cool with watching Willian and Pedro at all he's our next De Bruyne
  8. Zizouz

    FIFA 18

    Don't think it's happening. It's already kinda late and I'm off soon anyway.
  9. Imagine thinking I read these giant blocks of text, let alone then felt enough to neg. Just lost 7-4 in seasons. Got bigger problems than Brexit.
  10. Zizouz

    FIFA 18

    yeah be on soon for clubs if people are about
  11. Would take him at Chelsea. He's ironed out a lot of his problems at a lower level, and he's primed for a big move.
  12. I take back everything I said about international football (it's just the Euros that's dead)
  13. Zizouz

    FIFA 18

    should have played with computer ANY weekends are a myth for me
  14. My iron turns itself off for 8 hours a night
  15. @Bruno Di Gradi bruv delete that pic, bare weirdos about that will reverse image search her and potential cause nonsense
  16. Zizouz

    FIFA 18

    the club is open to friends
  17. these pics with the sound >>>>> we been doing it wrong this whole time, lads
  18. Zizouz

    Lionel Messi

    he has the legend Samp as manager no excuses left
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