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  1. Minor i aint a criminal got nutting to hide, i just came out my yard to get something quickly aint got time for scenes.
  2. So just got stopped by fake police for riding my pushbike the wrong way down a one way road, bitch took my name and details of the bike. Cant even come out my yard for 5 minutes without some sh*t happening, racists cunts.
  3. lol shouldnt be kissing cows then.
  4. lol look at his dinner attire.
  5. Blatently fake with the action at the end.
  6. Lets see when that shits running across your room.
  7. They been running around my yard for 3 years. Council already put poison, said we have to pay if we want more.
  8. arghhhhh how can this mouse just be running around my room while im banging out xbox live. Almost won the race and had to lock off.
  9. That things hench, come like a train.
  10. Mouse in my room, had to move to the spare room swiftly. Mofo was scratching under my bed I was shook.
  11. 2 bills to check a CV. Must be a 419 ting.
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