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  1. MYTH

    The England Football Team Thread

    Can someone remind me what he said/did?
  2. MYTH

    Week 11 - Premier League 11/12

    Lol @ our midfield and bench No wonder Pogba and Rav want to leave How the fuck Diouf makes that bench is beyond me
  3. MYTH

    Week 11 - Premier League 11/12

    This isn't going to end well for club nor manager
  4. MYTH

    Top Boy - Ashley Walters & Kano - Channel 4

    It's alot better then I thought There's a few errors here and there but for the most part excellent The director of it is also responsible for 'Hidden' Hopefully this marks a change in the standard of UK 'urban' films/dramas
  5. And he maintains that he isn't injury prone....
  6. saf<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  7. MYTH

    John Terry & Anton Ferdinand Racism Row

    Anton needs to jam aswell, he's not doing himself any favours in the eyes of the racist/terry apologist
  8. MYTH

    The Official Manchester United Thread

    SAF is an odd character at times i swear he proper picks and chooses who he critiques in public yet theres no mention of why Carrick is given a new contract and why he's now training on his own? sick guy
  9. MYTH

    Carling Cup Q/F Draw

    Exactly Remember this is the same xenophobic prick who came out with 'typical Germans' not long ago, but these so called journalists don't mention these type of contradictions. the same journalist that fail to mention the contradiction in Dalglish slagging off referees for decisions that didn't go his way, then the moment things swing back into his favour he doesn't want to comment on it liverpool fans<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  10. they're shit and negative, should a be a walk in the park for arsenal
  11. MYTH

    Carling Cup Q/F Draw

    yeah but then CR7 was the best player in the world - "hate me but respect me"
  12. MYTH

    John Terry & Anton Ferdinand Racism Row

    is what i'm saying! they literally choose their moments to influence and it's done so brazenly aswell
  13. MYTH

    Carling Cup Q/F Draw

    agreed the case with Suarez is he's got a bit of Pires cuntyness about him would explain the outrage some have over his diving etc / backing into defenders and rolling them him & Tevez>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  14. MYTH

    What's going down with AC MIlan?

    feel for Cassano tbh he was actually starting to come into a bit of form him and Ibra up top were deadly, complemented each other really well wish him a speedy recovery etc
  15. MYTH

    Worst ''Footballer'' Of All Time

    fuck Gibson man represents everything wrong with SAF midfield selection at times Eikrem gets let go Pogba and co are held back still Cleverly goes out on loan a million times O'shea plays in midfield no bottle Carrick plays in midfield and 'earns' himself a new contract Ando is Ando Giggs is a pensioner Fletcher has aids yet Gibbo still plays? baffling