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    some news

    daemonz @ their best http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/democraticrepublicofcongo/9965387/MI6-organised-execution-of-DRC-leader-Lumumba-peer-claims.html it was lumumba then, today its gadaffi, assad, mugabe, etc.

    Purchasing A Car

    its not dumb, just a dumb way of getting into debt but thats how the western world works so it coo
  3. [email protected] d*ckheads lamenting that i dont post in here. maybe cos i do my venting in the whatever thread? 1st poast
  4. what is a good FTP client to use. thanks
  5. its better to describe people by their nationality /heritage than race. people use asian, oriental, latino, arab, to describe a bunch of different people by continent yet define 1.4billion others in Africa, North america and Europe by just white and black,. dumb
  6. 55% of 100% is the predominant %age but hes still mixed race, and not black 38% white is not insignificant i think its just insulting to either parent to choose one's race over the other with such a significant make up
  7. yeah what you say holds weight. you're just a c*nt?
  8. its disrespectful saying black or white.. period. however there are only 2 reasons for associating a mixed race person by just their black side or heritage 1:out of racism,(from white pple not wanting their melalinless selves to be associated with blackness they originated from and stupid black people unconsciously accepting this racism) 2: or desperation from black people needing to hold on to something when they achieve something they believe a full black person wouldn't or couldn't or from white people out of guilt for what full black people were denied and it doesnt matter how the mixed race person wants to see themselves. a cow can neigh all it likes, trot like one and call itself a horse all day. its not. if we are to define a person of 'black' race... this person has predominantly africoid genotype in his/her body a mixed race child (assuming one black and one white parent) has only 50% of two or more distinct genotypes (internally...as the appearance doesnt really matter) therefore a diet coke isnt the real thing.
  9. on another note everytime i reach the UK countryside i see theres so much out there within the UK to do (bar rainy weather) obv most londoners and council estate of mind peeps will disagree
  10. its you guys laughing at the prospect that are just weird. ur boy in on hols with his girl and invites and pays for you to travel along perhaps if you were a fully heterosexual man you would jump at the opp to get your own girl even if just on the vacation but alas you come onto vip2 and share it amongst fools and it makes you look the fool unless ur also shook the 'girl' you may introduce to them wasnt born one.
  11. martinez always bandwagoning advice. i hope one day you will take some of and use it to work for YOU.....FIRST


    you should do it too, to get more trannys.
  13. Lol @ this whole fling with caper thing. why must I have 'dated' a guy to talk any him. I said Toney is bi, lk that's all. I'm in a hotel wiv my girl, Montpellier chapter in cheltenham. Get out more innit.
  14. P.s I never said I met Toney either
  15. P.s I never said I met Toney either
  16. Loool so I'm no longer a canadian white boy? I can tell you where to go find that guy if you want . And yeah of course some pic on a gay site has to mean its him. I bet you didn't delete your account after your "investigation" tho. Tranny fucker.
  17. out of the 5, how many piss standing up?
  18. ppl just love to hold someone over another for no reason. i dont even like beyonce that much but i dont see alliyah getting the accolades she's got and achievements afterall destinys child were doing better than aaliyah the comparison is foolish and irrelevant.
  19. not funny since the 12 yr old 'joke' means nothing to me. you were thinking about 12 yr old boys and then decided to do ugly women instead or?
  20. butt ugly ones at that.
  21. are you talking about real life or an E-mob?
  22. [email protected] revelations. i know nothing about that facebook page let that tranny fucker be making up stories thinking he's some CSI cos he's had the most responsibility hes ever had in lilfe as a forum mod. about facebook page or snare..fucking d*ckhead
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