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  1. Fabio Capello: I fucked up...

    I'm not even going into detail about the level of sh*t your chatting bur Kevin Nolan (the guy who stands next to Barton)has been better than him this season. So best englishman is crazy talk when hes not even been best in his position at mighty Newcastle. Nah mate i've watched nearly all the games and Barton has been their best player, most Newcastle fans would subscribe to this view. He has been the creative hub of their side, although Nolan has got more goals, Barton has got them ticking, him and Tiote have been their best players so far imo, and no English midfielder has come close to Bartons level of performance. What English players have performed better than Barton then, since you exhibit such dismay over my comment? I can only think of Ferdinand(who has been injured during early parts of this season, Carroll(?), Hart(?), who else help me out i'm struggling here.
  2. The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    Ahh f*ck him take the 50 million in the summer and go out and buy one of Cavani, Benzema, Aguero, or Llorente.
  3. Fabio Capello: I fucked up...

    And capello also needs to call up Barton for the next game, he has been the best English player this season, forget Wilshere as of now his time will come, the likes of Parker and Barton deserve to be getting called ahead of him.
  4. Fabio Capello: I fucked up...

    He should of took Parker and Huddlestone, forget Walcott pace is clearly not Englands problem with players like Lennon, Wright Phillips, Defoe, Young and co. edit: he should of taken Adam Johnson as well
  5. The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    Very happy good start to the weekend.
  6. Give Me An Example Of A Role Model In 2011

    Not at all, Robert Mugabe is generally a role model for me, i ain't trying to tr0ll just wanted to understand why answers like Obama were regularly accepted and me saying Mugabe is negged, stop bandying the word tr0ll about when someone doesn't agree with the general opinion mate its silly.
  7. Question Time

    Never any diversity and differing opinions on this show, just a bunch of people bashing Keys and Gray, and comparing with Racism with Sexism as they always do.
  8. Give Me An Example Of A Role Model In 2011

    Why did man neg me for saying Robert Mugabe, someone explain?
  9. Give Me An Example Of A Role Model In 2011

    Robert Mugabe
  10. The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    swear i could count on one hand the amount he played in that first half, been just keeping the ball moving tbh Don't pay them any attention, they are blinded when Gerrard plays they only see what they want to see.
  11. Week 24 Football

    Arshavin is shite, has broke down nearly every Arsenal move so far.
  12. Did Fiddy really just shut down worldstarhiphop lol...

    Lol at people who only listen to 10 rappers saying Rosay is the best, smh he is good but definitely not the best.
  13. Did Fiddy really just shut down worldstarhiphop lol...

    Thats the thing though, Gangster Rap exaggerated what theses rappers did, but at the same time if these rappers didn't have the credibility to go with it they would be called out on it or end up like Vanilla Ice. Credibility is important in rap and always has been, even the exaggerated lines from gangster rappers is still built foundation on truth. The likes of jay, 50 Cent, Wu-Tang, Beanie Sigel, Styles P etc all once lived the life in which they depict in their songs or did they not?
  14. K Koke USG's (Suspect Gang)

    And i take it you think that Kokes mixtape is better than Ard Bodied as well?
  15. K Koke USG's (Suspect Gang)

    DVS and Sneakbo have the bigges buzz in London right now