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  1. If Vip was an office

    who would u wanna jam wid at lunch? sit near to catch jk who would u avoid? who would get bullied, most abused etc just abit of a joke ting dont take it serious
  2. in a dillemma

    no he left by his own accord, family here so will have things for him to do, but he will have to go get a job because i work long hours and dont want him at yard all day everyday
  3. in a dillemma

    he is kl, will do fine thanks, his mother is strict andstepdad even worse hes outstayed his welcome at home
  4. in a dillemma

    asked a question really would u alow ur 17 yr old newphew to smoke with you pointing out why im asking the question doesnt equate to asking for advice dont try to be smart when you clearly no nothing
  5. Official Betting Thread

    only lost 30 this weekend
  6. in a dillemma

    yeah safe for that will do but she must have read my mind she tex me sayin please dont smoke around him looking forward to it bt having theese restrictions now is fucked .....
  7. in a dillemma

    My sisters son is coming to stay with me as he's been in a lot of trouble lately been kicked out his hostel etc but i have only his best interest at heart and I suppose i have to show him good examples and also lead by example but im a heavy smoker i know he smokes but his mum dont and I know how she will be disapointed if she found out but he would wont grass to her now in my family u would get discarded instantly as being a success if u smoke so big deal and i kno some of u can relate others cant bt would u alow ur newphew who is 17 to smoke wid u i dunno somthin dont sound right bout tht alot of u thinking wtf bt theese people r true muslims well my sister her son is like us so is probs expectin a joint waiting idk
  8. The Unfortunately, Fortunately Game

    unfortunately this topic has failed
  9. The Unfortunately, Fortunately Game

    fortunatly im not a d*ckhead like seven
  10. The Unfortunately, Fortunately Game

    Ok for example, I start by saying Unfortunately there was a giant evil dog on the the loose,, then the next person would say...Fortunately I had a knife with me and stabbed a hole in it....next person unfortunatly it still bit me etc Il start Unfortunately i found myself lost in cuba
  11. Celebrity Big Brother C5

    Best person won.
  12. Carribean & Nigerian Catering

  13. Caribbean Resturant recommendation

    turtle bay is shit, waiters had to be told how to make me my guiness punch proper
  14. Celebrity Big Brother C5

    Jim to win, hope dibby dappy is out next
  15. what do you do mmmmmm?

    I went 3 years without insurance on my audi it was old and wasnt worth paying insurance for so didnt bother, not allways about affording to pay it