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  1. Seydou

    afc Arsenal 2018/19

    Pmsl I'm dying. I'm reading the Spanish Sean Dyche. He's Brendan Rodgers that can cook paella. 😂😂
  2. Seydou

    halloween edition BREXIT - 31 October 2019

    Think he means if there is a vote against a No deal, then what benefit is the Brexit Party bringing, which is true. They actually don't have any other policy. Ask them about NHS, somehow Brexit will be brought up.
  3. Seydou

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Looking like Serie A is shopping at Man Utd this summer
  4. Seydou

    The Joe Budden Podcast

    JayZ >>> Told man keep kneeling, let me make some more money / Didn't know anywhere else to post it
  5. Seydou

    The Joe Budden Podcast

    😂 the podcast is slowly losing its appeal I feel and I been listening since the famous Drake rant. I'm more into the quick byte Everyday struggle nowadays. What do you feel @Agony?
  6. Seydou

    live Premier League 2019/20 - EPL Discussion

    City and Liverpool are walking it this season.
  7. Seydou

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Yo What's with Utd and Spurs this summer
  8. Seydou

    Summer Transfers 2019

    From time Barca can't buy Neymar back. Safe to say bubble has bursted or about to pop real hard. Players are gonna run down on their contracts more often now to get that higher wage.
  9. Seydou

    African Child

    😂😂 That random sprinkle of politics in there though. On a serious note, he shouldn't have this much attention. The brother clearly needs some help
  10. Seydou

    Zinedine Zidane taking the piss out of management

    At this point, I'm convinced Perez hired him so he can fire him.😂😂
  11. Seydou

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Having medical today Just when I thought I was out, Arsenal pull me back
  12. Seydou

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Fuck off Arsenal bid for Pepe, 80 mill
  13. Seydou

    hiphop Battle Rap Topic

    Pmsl most entertaining battler is back That battle Vs Hitman got the ego boost
  14. Seydou

    Clyne named in Uefa team of the year

    Will go down as the best ever argument in Vip2