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  1. Maya Jama

    😂😂😂 I'm with you bro. Don't get it either. Somalis are not happy at this backlash
  2. Maya Jama

    Bruh Why is every HR woman called Vicky?
  3. Arsene Wenger Stepping Down!!

    We all knew it was the board fucking shit up. Will be interesting to see how they move once a guy who don't care comes in.
  4. Arsene Wenger Stepping Down!!

    Shit had me emotional at the end yo
  5. Arsene Wenger Stepping Down!!

    Started like this when tears were coming in
  6. Harvey Weinstein

    The dust thickens
  7. Maya Jama

    Shit was wild back then bruh. There was no filter on that shit
  8. Arsene Wenger Stepping Down!!

    Walking into next season like
  9. Arsene Wenger Stepping Down!!

    Jdjfifuf8rrjcjchc7hggg Vmvmkvmcmf v.cjfnfifirjrndjfmt gmfkfkfkmf
  10. For those who question the struggle

    Then things just turned a bit too left
  11. Harvey Weinstein

    Think more needs to be taught regarding peer pressure.
  12. Britain going on gully with Russia over Litvinenko

    https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/apr/18/rt-ofcom-salisbury-poisoning-coverage Ofcom is examining instances where Kremlin-backed news channel potentially breached UK broadcast laws on impartiality
  13. Martial

    Wait...So him declining Arsenal was fake?
  14. The Video Thread part 2

    Yo I'm crying, I'd visit this country if they liked blacks
  15. There are some serial neggers though Need to make it transparent.