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  1. Seydou

    live Week 02 - 18/19 Premier League

    We getting better at passing from the back and under pressure tbh. These man been doing things wrong for years.
  2. 😂😂 bruv you chat so much shit. / Swear this has been like this for time. Once you finish your time, you get shifted if you're not British.
  3. Seydou

    live Week 02 - 18/19 Premier League

    Blackburn? My man was dribbling vs Vermaelen/Squillaci man
  4. Seydou

    Official Twitter Thread

    😂😂 I can see the Berber skin tone
  5. It's Robbin season, Christmas coming up
  6. Seydou

    mcfc Manchester City: All or Nothing

    They doing what other clubs should do in regards to marketing.
  7. Seydou

    Kim Kardashian

  8. Seydou

    Official Twitter Thread

    So many motivational lessons from that clip. When life get you on your knees, just use your arms to fight back. Also, never feel down cuz you know there's a nigga out there getting beat up by a guy with no legs.
  9. Seydou

    Official Twitter Thread

    Video of the decade tbh.
  10. Seydou

    Attack Outside Houses of Parliament

    Quite bit to unpack from that post. How you know this and when did you become an Israelite?
  11. Seydou

    Domestic Violence

    Rate man for consistency though regarding articles about blacks
  12. Seydou

    Domestic Violence

    All that scrolling..
  13. Seydou

    European Spring

    Riots happening in multicultural cities in Sweden Just couple weeks away from General Election. The SD party should win some 😆
  14. Seydou

    Lionel Messi

    Seriously, were Arsenal fans arguing for Cesc ? Wow
  15. Seydou

    Attack Outside Houses of Parliament

    The influx of Sudanese and illegal Eritrean has also increased ten fold.