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  1. Seydou

    hiphop Battle Rap Topic

    Pmsl most entertaining battler is back That battle Vs Hitman got the ego boost
  2. Seydou

    Clyne named in Uefa team of the year

    Will go down as the best ever argument in Vip2
  3. Seydou

    Summer Transfers 2019

    😭 We signed a £6 million 18 year old
  4. Seydou

    Borris Next Tory PM

  5. Seydou

    hiphop Battle Rap Topic

    Makes it even funnier now watching the face off
  6. Seydou

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Big up Arsenal Waiting for the Adidas July drop for us to start looking to buy
  7. Pmsl Copa America has started horrible for Messi. Copa America >>>>> Pure counter chaos.
  8. Seydou

    Anyone emigrated to Dubai/UAE?

    Indians are the 2nd class citizens, real tragic the way they get treated over there. Some Arabs are bless and others are arrogant/ignorant. They are protective over their women 😂 Working week is Sunday to Thursday. I personally want to go Qatar to stack serious money for a bit. My boy went there and he's loving it there.
  9. Seydou

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Pmsl Real have started the Pogba news
  10. Seydou

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    Another international title for CR7 Lol.
  11. Seydou

    Summer Transfers 2019

  12. Seydou

    Two lesbos got boxed

  13. Seydou

    NBA 2018/2019 Season

    Pmsl Yooo..these man flopping without KD
  14. Seydou

    Recommendations - No Spoilers

    Of Mics and Men..the Wu tang documentary Great watch Never mix business and family
  15. Seydou

    Local & European Elections