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  1. You can tell quality of writing has dipped. That whole scene with Martell and Greyjoy woman was cringe They did the Martell girls dirty in this episode
  2. Nah Just seen she's married
  3. safe for the Insta bruh
  4. 160 so he can provide for CR7? CR7 >> Real
  5. They following suit on European countries. Shifting poor people way out in the city, where they cannot be seen and heard.
  6. We want that Phantom bruh
  7. Her Insta?
  8. 119 times Yo man was fuming
  9. I'm telling you The first real nigga in the White House
  10. Budden is sneaky with it, snidy guy. Akademics just gets bullied by everyone. She even puts it on him in the end. If I was industry nigga, Amber would be top 3 selected on the list.
  11. Man like Alan worth more than R9
  12. Honour killing is a term used by media to label pakis/gujis/sikhs carrying out cowardly jealousy attacks on their woman. It started off within the sikhs but the media moved it label Muslims, specifically these types who come from rural villages who go on this "family shaming" shit that seems prevalent amongst Indians/Pakistanis There is no honour in what that coward did. He deserves all he gets in this life. / She looks mixed something with Indian from the pics
  13. Feel like a vip2 discussion
  14. "Following an inconsistent season, however, Arsenal agreed to sell him back to his original club in July 2016." I thought so but then... " Following firm interest from Bordeaux, Arsenal have activated a buy-back clause they had previously inserted when selling the forward exactly twelve months ago. While the Gunners have paid £3.5m to reacquire the player, the French team made it clear that they would be willing to pay £5m for the player, allowing the North Londoners to make an easy £1.5m profit through the series of transactions." So now they stuck with him