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  1. Vegan Gang

    some of these documentaries can be very misleading as they have a bias i.e. the producer or presenter is a vegan trying to impart what they think . For example, the cardiovascular study in Norway extremely biased. This is the graph they use, which to a non-data analytical eye can look drastic i.e death from the diseases went down once the nazi's took over Norway and rationed mea However if you look at the number, it only went down by 6 per 10,000 people which isn't statistically a massive drop. Also they fail to mention in the study that fish consumption also went up and also actually the lowest it was was in 1927 when they still were eating meat. these documentaries are way too biased and normally use shock or emotional methods rather than a rational scientific method.
  2. JA Wealth Scam

    no trader worth would ever disclose "how to trade". Also, learning to trade takes more than just 2 days worth of training. you'd need to understand market conditions, changes in GDP, debt, manufacturing etc, especially as they are dealing in teaching Forex. all the examples they are showing are dummy accounts and not actual transactions. Considering you probably need a complex understanding of mathematics and trends, most of what they are doing is making money off people by offering to teach them. personally, i think its a scam but who knows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jnihc4rzFw
  3. Any Body know bout this chick

    well she gave up the p*ssy....clearly this bitch is a whore
  4. Any Body know bout this chick

    yup...but real talk....just shows, don't trust these bitches
  5. Any Body know bout this chick

    cause all skeezers are the same.... only pics i've got of her.....from the looks of it...the bitch i whore...she was linking bare men at the same time
  6. Any Body know bout this chick

    yup Wembley...preston road
  7. Any Body know bout this chick

    got sent this >>>> I feel obliged to tell you all what Serena is about, I am not bitter nor do I which her any harm, but clearly I can not allow her to continue hurting and destroying innocent people.. Some of you may know me as name protected I have kept my ex wife and family out if this as I wish them to suffer any more than they already have. I am divorced with 3 kids (21 son, daughters 17 - 19) I am a successful and well respected businessman. I am doing this to clear my name and conscious as Serena has swore on my kids lives and still was unable to tell the truth. So I felt I should. I have been seeing Serena for over 3 years, I always believed we were in a serious relationship and I was the only man of her life (please forgive me if I hurt or offend anyone). As most couple we had our differences but we always made amends and forgave each other. The recent events have been very difficult for me to deal with, but I do get some comfort knowing that I am not alone. The emails were sent on Sunday she was with me at my home at that time, we were about to go to the movies, as the email were coming thought Serena started screaming ran to the computer and started deleting ( thankfully all saved on iPad) she ran out of the house, early on she was begging me to book a trip to Dubai thankfully I did not. I could see she was in a state as one could image I was pretty mortified so I drove her to her house whilst having an almighty row! I grabbed her loving phone as she continued to text as she did always during a meal, whilst together she was constantly texting. As I arrived at her house she begged me for the phone and insisted I met her parents, I did. At they time and even still today they are in denial of her daughters actions. As I am sue you have all herd of her ' Aunty' who was the excuse whilst she continued with her charade. In fact according to Serena her aunt introduced her to Nico, will come on to Nico later... I felt very uncomfortable at her parents house so I left. To my surprise Serena called on Monday saying she wanted to meet me talk about things, so stupidly I played along and we met near her house, she started crying about a guy called Richard from Foxtons who had been stalking her, so any man would do I said I would help her. We went back to her parents and we discussed with her mother what we should do. After many hours I spoke to my lawyer Bruce Hayim you agreed to speak to hear, they spoke in private. I left the house after having some dinner.. The following day we spoke and I thought to myself I will be sympathetic (fool) and treat her to dinner at Ramsey Claridges we had a pleasant evening as I was celebrating a belated birthday from Monday. We tried not to discuss the email. So we capped the evening and I toke her home. The following day she wanted my credit card so I gave it to her allowing her to treat herself a new haircut, facial, make up etc, etc.... That night I read some emails she was not responding as usual so I decided I should go and get my card, only by threatening to report her she caved in and gave my card back. I was with Serena last night in a very bad mood as I knew she was flying to Vegas on Saturday and that she had used me to pay for her beauty treatment. I tried to control myself but failed we argued, I did however once again buy her things in boots which she claimed were for her aunt stupid me believed her. Anyway we ended up in Nobu, we argued she stormed out, she soon came back as she realised her goods were in the car, she tricked me by saying lets talk in the car, within minutes she grabbed her stuff and ran out. I called her eventually got through she was giggling and saying get me a diamond ring from hatton garden show me a commitment. So even during this difficult time she continued to sleep with me, continued to abuse my kindness and continue with her betrayal... In the past we have had the police at my house, when she tried to run out with a bottle of champagne I stopped her, after i refused to pay for her hotel room, (no explanation required) she then tried to smash the bottle the neighbour herd and called the police, serena ran out screaming... The police came gave them my version, the sad thing is the landlady served me with an eviction order as the lady downstairs was fearful, so I was evicted from my home, I can assure you I not a violent person. On the point of violence Serena did bite my arm and hit me in the face causing a black eye and mark, can't remember why... On another occasion she stole from me, phone, sunglasses, drinks as she does like drunken sex (sorry). She even returned some stolen good to my local corner store... Look I am not hear to cause her harm or for anyone to pass judgement, I am only doing this to let you all know the kinda person she is. Having spent virtually the week with her she has now gone to Vegas with Nico after sleeping with me, begging me to take her to Dubai and to buy her a ring.. Nico, what kinda man are you knowing what you know, you still take this girl away for a dirty weekend, with goods I have paid for and you seem to this this its ok! It's not ok! You are just as bad as Serena as you have no shame or respect for others as long as you get your wicked way, on that point please be careful as she was made pregnant a few months ago, she had a abortion which her aunt paid for or was it one of you as it was not me, so who was the father! Maybe it Nico!! DONT TRUST THESE BITCHES hahaah
  8. Any Body know bout this chick

    lol nah....not all...just seen some ish about her getting exposed big itme
  9. Any Body know bout this chick

    old thread but update....can confirm the girl is a slore
  10. The Random Picture Thread

    Nikki???? I swear Rita had a donkey as well...
  11. Interacial dating and black power

    this....true words i've always though, if you go out of your way to marry a black person to prove to yourself that your black, you've lost. Look in the mirror, you are who you are. if you define yourself by the colour of your skin rather than your character as a person, you are part of the suppressed.
  12. Christian becomes Muslim

    loooooooooooooool, the muslim guy goes to some gym i used to go to.....he never tried that with me, i would've straight told him Jesus is God
  13. best advice, eat well, find a good workout plan (bodybuilding.com has a lot of them) and join a gym
  14. you want to grow, reduce the cardio to 2 sessions a week and then add a lot of compound workouts.....bench presses, squats, deadlifts etc... 5x5 workout
  15. I get most of my meats from the butcher, but iceland is right next to my gym and they do deals on steak, 4 for 5 quid which i've been rinsing out for the past year which is good for a student... is there anything wrong with iceland? i cant be rinsing out my money on the more expensive supermarkets like waitrose. Diet is 90% clean with junk food twice a week to speed up metabolism (normally a fat kfc burger), im no monster but i look better than your average 170 pound male: taken last week tryna take me for any d*ckhead that goes straight to the processed food section..nah sonhow much cardio do you do...im trying to from my 205 pound self to 185-190...im eating like 7 times a day to speed that metabolism up sky highWell im bulking since summer is finished so im keeping cardio to once a week, normally swimming since i get bored on the treadmill.If you wanna cut id try hiit cardio and cut the carbs a little bit, but i've heard its good to keep the protein highyeh i do hiit cardio and my carb intake is controlled