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  1. if this was turned into a facebook group or even an insta page where we could all comment on these topics I'm sure it would work the way people discuss topics online has just changed the fantasy football league always reminds me to come check back on here, surprised the site is still up to be fair. there's so much lingo I still use in real life from here. in particular "none of this is true by the way"
  2. Lens

    Shenmue III

    the music in the trailer!!! need to see a gameplay trailer though
  3. highgate woods is still very usable via the abandoned train line running from Finsbury park to Highgate wood. I personally recommend the Hornsey Rise entrance
  4. this is a massively underrated reply!
  5. the panda bear with the adlibs
  6. oh are You still making these topics? yeah go ahead but I also want to know if You Yourself are staying out of trouble, looking after Yourself so when You get access again You're in position to be a good mum no more broken playstations please
  7. Lens

    Warm Showers

    An update on the "Warm Showers" topic (TTKK) Guys if You're using this tech, please be sure to drink Your 2 Litres of water a day. Otherwise it will be too concentrated and You risk her smelling it and being discovered. She took it well though, said only kids do that in the shower and called me "R Aaron" (R Kelly reference)
  8. he was stabbed in the heart with a weapon designed to kill him and snapped his fingers during his death. his earthly body probably died and it's just the soul that remains. we don't know
  9. Lens

    Welcome back

    50,000 people used to live here
  10. since he didn't die first time round (as very well predicted in the OP) the voting is reopened also I was the closest since I guessed Thor who came closest. regards.
  11. don't wanna make a topic what FPS are people playing these days?
  12. I can only confirm how I piss on them
  13. this. I can't say I've ever not wanted to fuck multiple women, I've just stopped myself because it's what a women wanted no more
  14. Lens

    Break ups

    weird seeing this GIF in a thread now RIP the guy from Best Cry Ever
  15. would definitely smash and see what it's like but public appearances would be a no no
  16. Lens


    worst thing You can do is have the cheating happening in their face. be discreet with it and don't make them look or feel stupid. but also don't rush into a relationship when You can continue casually fucking
  17. Lens

    Welcome back

    thought the site was gone for good. end of an era speaking of which, no activity in NSFW Central since November?
  18. just had a thought wouldn't a Drago movie about them 2 have been better than Creed 2?
  19. I'm hoping there's a few gems this oscar season but I agree
  20. from all the films i missed this year, this is the one I want to see most did anyone see Hotel Artemis?
  21. You have to rate any film that has a whole cinema audience in silence. Very well created atmosphere Didn't like the inconsistency with the bad guys though.
  22. tried to fix that formatting to no avail
  23. My top 10 films for 2018 in order: A Quiet Place Den of Thieves Ready Player 1 Mortal Engines A Simple Favour A Star Is Born The Hate U Give Ralph Breaks the Internet Infinity War Creed 2
  24. Lens

    Swanton Bomb

    Westfield shopping centre: Man, 24, arrested on suspicion of GBH after 'falling on woman from height' in east London A 24-year-old man who fell from a height at an east London shopping centre has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and reckless endangerment of life. Police said he landed on a fellow shopper after falling from an upper floor in Stratford’s Westfield complex on Wednesday at approximately 4pm. The Metropolitan Police was called to report of a man having fallen and a woman injured in the incident. Scotland Yard confirmed a man and a woman were injured. Neither’s wounds were deemed to be life-threatening though hers are now thought to be life-changing. A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: “The man, aged 24, was arrested at hospital on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and reckless endangerment of life. He remains in hospital “Enquiries into the circumstances remain ongoing.” Footage of the aftermath was shared online and showed a man on the floor with crowds watching on. Witnesses reported that he fell from the second or third floor. Another witness, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Standard they were on an escalator when they "heard gasps". They looked up to see a man “mid air". They said: “I saw him fall onto someone." A spokesperson for Westfield said: “The safety and security of our customers is our highest priority and our security team were immediately at the scene to help. We are working with the emergency services as they investigate the incident." https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/westfield-shopping-centre-man-24-arrested-on-suspicion-of-gbh-after-falling-on-woman-from-height-in-a3965821.html
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