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  1. lol should be good, lets see
  2. Hell of a fight. Had it 48-47 for Conor (1,2,4) Entire card delivered.
  3. I try to enjoy all the fights, from the early preliminaries to the main event. I would've liked 204 to be better, with bigger names but there are still interesting match ups. I do hear what you're saying though. It feels like the UFC are trying to appease both sets of fans, but at the same time only doing it half hearted. They have finally made a UFC title fight to take place on UK soil, which has been forever asked for, but at a time where it appeals to the majority of their PPV viewer base back in America. So UK fans getting the prize and shit on at the same time, and then USA fans getting the PPV at a convenient time but a weaker card for a numbered event. A presumed win/win for them is kinda of a ehhh/ehhh now overall. On 202, looks like everyone made weight. Just a day away now!
  4. Well for starters its not the complete and full fight card. To write it off as shit is unfair and a bit premature. From what has been confirmed, aside from the main event, there are enough fighters on the billing to get my attention. Mousasi v Belfort - Great match up imo. Mousasi has an opportunity to raise his stock and push himself into the top 5, perhaps a fight with Romero even Weidman if he has an impressive win. Belfort post TRT not the same but he's always dangerous. Struve I'm a fan of, he comes to fight and his stand up is always worth watching. The Russian guy he's facing, I haven't seen admittedly but he's 3-0 in the UFC so far so the fight itself has implications in terms of the HW division. Jimi Manuwa's fights are always explosive, and even though he's up against OSP, who can be a neutralizing and frustrating, I think the fight has potential. Plus Pickett/Alcantara will be tightly contested, a good back and forth. It's not the best card in the world but to me it isn't total shit, I'll certainly be watching as many fights as I can. To be fair, its live so late our time, so it was always going to be very top heavy.
  5. That 204 fight card is far from shit. Also the press conference today with the bottle throwing LOL Just when you think it can't get any more bizarre.
  6. Fight Week. 202 not as strong with Maia v Condit being moved to FOX 21 but still a very solid card.
  7. Tournaments left and right are dropping the PS4 version, they really fucked it up.
  8. Caught up with OP last week, still going strong as usual. Consistently delivering for years. Re-reading Gantz too since it's all finished now; its a hot mess but I still love it.
  9. Probably not but here I am, 3am waiting.
  10. Cinematic launch trailer was sublime.
  11. Really no space battles? Thats some lame shit. BFII space conquests were probably the best thing about the game.
  12. NCR was pretty hype. Seems like Daigo is back to his best, getting those wins at Topanga too. Also where's the black forum skin? I haven't been around in a while but this white is turrrrible.
  13. Ox is simply too lazy to play in the centre right now, whether he's on the ball or not. His passing isn't up to scratch, he gifts possession away in needless situations, he loses concentration and ends up a spectator for periods of the game (look at Liverpool's first goal), he dwells on the ball for too long, he pretty much tries to play his same game out on the wing as he does in the middle and it doesn't work with our system. Has to be said that with a Mourinho type manager, Ox's game would improve tenfold in relation to his overall team value. Helping out defensively is a must, when he plays on the right wing, Chambers is exposed throughout and our manager should drill Chamberlain into putting in a defensive shift much like Hazard does now. But we all know that won't happen.
  14. YouTube Reddit BBC Sport Amazon Netflix
  15. And the fact that he continually ignored them for a sustained period made the fine that much worse.
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