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  1. Da Luv Doc

    Married women

    What would you do if your wife cheated on you? What if the man/girl who she cheated on you with..... was white?....
  2. The producer is stupid. Automatically because you're in a mixed relationship then you can't be pro black, what a lot of bollocks. So she would rather segregation and no cohesion with anyone else..... This is why I always say that American culture and British culture, with regards to black people, are completely different and tbh, they should just stick to their country, keep their music and we develop our own!
  3. Lol that Kelechi, most of the girls who go to her dance classes are white English. Not sure why you'd compromise your usual income.
  4. Da Luv Doc

    Marvel Super Heroes

    Or at least bring them all into the films for stage 4. Kingpin and the defenders in Spiderman 4 or something, since they're a New York.
  5. Da Luv Doc

    Strictly curse

    Her man is pissed! Munching the pun after a next guy delivered the creampie 🤮🤮
  6. Da Luv Doc

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    I actually agree with you guys. Let them bounty each other off.
  7. Da Luv Doc

    Renato Sanches

    O Fail at it again lol
  8. Da Luv Doc

    Arab Spring Part II

    Ah you know lol. Saudis and UAE didn't invest as well. Etihad airways lost stupid amount of money and is struggling. They're pulling nearly all of its investments in other airlines because they're all failing e.g. Air Berlin (Failed and defunct) Alitalia (failing and almost at bankruptcy stage) Etihad Regional (Failed and defunct) Jet Airways (failing and almost at bankruptcy stage) and Etihad (lost £500-700m last year ffs!)
  9. Da Luv Doc

    Arab Spring Part II

    Not even the oil. Qatar have a small amount of oil, but Qatar have at least 159 years worth of natural gas. Saudi haven't invested properly unlike Qatar, who have stakes in a lot of things. Qatar has a better long term plan, investing in companies that are now focusing on making huge profit. Example, from my interest, would be being major shareholders in IAG and LATAM, these are companies who are making profits. They also have the biggest pots of money/self fund in the middle east.
  10. Da Luv Doc

    Marvel Super Heroes

    Luke Cage, cancelled Not seeing the point to having Netflix, may need to see what the Disney one is saying when it drops.
  11. Da Luv Doc

    Arab Spring Part II

    It's jokes, Qatar is much richer than Saudi Arabia, so not sure why he's backing them so much.
  12. Da Luv Doc

    #MeToo Movement

    This guy chats shit. Being a black/mixed race guy, you NEED to video altercations like this, especially with a Becky!
  13. Da Luv Doc

    Nile Ranger

    He should blame himself for most part. But yeah, the lack of an adult male probably did have an affect. But the late thing is fucking ridiculous!
  14. Da Luv Doc

    Swanton Bomb