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  1. Marvel Super Heroes

    Punisher is out
  2. Week 12 - 17/18 Premier League - NLD

    Why am I to think Lacazette and Giroud will be bench warming?
  3. WWE Thread

    Why can't I see any of those matches being good?
  4. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Man said we'll all find ourselves in Croydon you know.........
  5. Black Friday

    Agreed @Afroman my HD LED tv is good enough until it dies tbh.
  6. Black Friday

    Yes they are good. Life's Good bro!
  7. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    I agree with you, but you're stupid. Your use of the n word on here is the reason wypipo use the word like it is nothing. Therefore, if you deem goliath to be a coon, then you'e even more of a coon because you use that word in which they use to dehumanise us. So fuck what you write, you hypocrite!
  8. zimbabwe coup?

    Imagine though, how are people gonna let some great great granddad mug them off though?
  9. Black Friday

  10. zimbabwe coup?

    Wasn't it found out he was supporting one white dude taking over the farms? May have been fake news, this planet is full of that.
  11. Can't trust the internet anymore.

    She's white or mixed race? She wears coloured contacts? If I met her I'd impregnate her, then she can really have black in her.
  12. zimbabwe coup?

  13. Grenfell Tower Fire, Latimer Road, W11

    They are so stupid!
  14. Logan Sama kicked from BBC

    I do, however it makes me sick that people who use it because they are black and think it' cool to use it, then start throwing a fit at other races using it. If these people stopped using it and rappers stop using it within songs then other races will not feel like it' cool to use it.