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  1. Da Luv Doc

    President Donald Trump Thread

    That Chuck guy is on it, that chick is a p*ssy!
  2. Da Luv Doc


    European flights, all business class is is meal and the chair in the middle free, just sign up to the executive club and see if they'll upgrade you for free.
  3. Da Luv Doc


    Be careful. If you play your cards right and save enough you can get flights from Helsinki to Japan return for less than £200, business class. There are some country were paying fees is illegal so the avois points literally give you free flights, not this fee crap. Would never use them for UK flights. BA Amex is decent, especially if you use it at Tesco and have your tesco club card points changed into avois, then you're winning in a few years. Also, try get Qatar airways, latam or finnair flights, ba are pretty shit tbh!
  4. Da Luv Doc

    European Spring

    How the police are going at them is nuts, o my there to protect the rich.
  5. Da Luv Doc

    European Spring

    Macron is a Trumpian elitist.
  6. Da Luv Doc

    PM Vote of No Confidence Triggered

    Fuck this country if that happens!
  7. Da Luv Doc

    afc Arsenal 2018/19

    Winger this Jan. 2 full backs in August.
  8. Da Luv Doc

    Raheem Sterling Racist Media Campaign

    When have i ever said ive never been with my own race? I've dated multiple races, you don't known me for shit mate. I do know you, you are a guy who thinks they know everything about football but yet you had failed in becoming a footballer and will never reach your goal as a footballer. Because you were shit. Me on the other hand, I might not be a pilot yet, but within the next 7 years, after looking after my family and buying a bigger house and car, I will see my dream come true when I become a pilot, meaning on on the road to success. #BlackExcellence #YouKeepOnDreaming Only a fraud would go on about black, then will ignore racism because that person's in a mixed relationship, think how much that doesn't make sense. Over compensating for your own insecurities.
  9. Da Luv Doc

    Raheem Sterling Racist Media Campaign

    Another dumbass, especially a guy who'd rather be known as Portugal instead of Angola,DIICKHEAD!!!
  10. Da Luv Doc

    Raheem Sterling Racist Media Campaign

    Morgan is an idiot.
  11. Da Luv Doc

    Raheem Sterling Racist Media Campaign

    This dayo c*nt is a massive c*nt. What a dumb waste of space. Just as dopey as these racist we're seeing, but even worse because it's to other black people. He is a uncle Tom in the guise of being "pro black." He isn't pro black, he's just jealous of the white man, thus why he has this complex.... it's like deep inside he feels inferior to them. @dayomesaydayo you dumb penis, grow some balls! Imagine if your girl fucked and sucked a white man before you got with her and is lying to you and saying she's pro blacks, fuck off!
  12. Da Luv Doc

    live Week 16 - Premier League & CL MD6

    Whoever that player is for Watford who gave away a penalty and freekick need to be sold this January, utter idiot!
  13. Da Luv Doc

    European Spring

    So, if the yellow vest keeps on growing and reaches into the millions, would the police still attack them like this? Or would they go like the Barcelona police and stand by them? Tbh, I don't know how violent it is as I'm not there, but surely if it's peaceful then the police would have no choice but to let them protest?
  14. Da Luv Doc

    Refugee child attacked in school

    Maybe @ag. is used to living in a state like that. But on a real, he is the most annoying member since Tuze, things maybe going bad with his boyfriend possibly?
  15. Da Luv Doc

    live Week 14 & 15 - 18/19 Premier League

    Stream to the Arsenal game?