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  1. Da Luv Doc

    halloween edition BREXIT - 31 October 2019

    LoL fingers in each ear hole "blah blah blah I'm not listening, they need us more than we need them, etc etc"
  2. Da Luv Doc

    President Donald Trump Thread

    But according to some people on here, he's the best thing since sliced bread.
  3. Da Luv Doc

    Learning To Code

    Ok I hear ya. I do evening classes, have done for the last nearly 4 years, learning one skill. Compared to others who don't, it's more of a reason to continue doing it without stopping
  4. Da Luv Doc

    halloween edition BREXIT - 31 October 2019

    Imagine the Brexit party getting in power.... country would be fucked. A party where the only policy is Brexit, would be baffled by everything else they need to do to run this country. Snobby people with a backwards mentality on things and from a background that provides them lifestyles that I can only dream of having. Get people saying these elites are not elitist and shit like that.... oh wait....
  5. Da Luv Doc

    Learning To Code

    Do an evening course, fuck this online shit unless you living it.
  6. Da Luv Doc

    MoStack fighting in Ibiza

    He's a fool, smh
  7. Da Luv Doc

    MoStack fighting in Ibiza

    Deep for your friend. I have never known why guys bring their "team" especially when they are dodgy. I fully cut off my dodgy old bredrins, making it in life living easy is more important.
  8. Da Luv Doc

    MoStack fighting in Ibiza

    @local you on your period or something?
  9. When I see AEW I just think wrestling is dead. The way they booked the awesome kong match was dead. They have beta males as wrestlers and directors. Wrestling is dead.
  10. Da Luv Doc

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Monreal has been good for us. Wish him all the best.
  11. Da Luv Doc

    MoStack fighting in Ibiza

    All them kids and the guy filming should be arrested.
  12. Da Luv Doc

    Notting Hill Carnival / Bank Holiday Weekend