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  1. Fuck Lio Rush. From when I heard that he no selled that super powerbombed from the ladder through the table, he can fuck his life.
  2. Da Luv Doc


    San Antonio, yes, but Playa Den Bossa, a lot less brits/mixture from Europe.
  3. Da Luv Doc

    Marvel Super Heroes

    1st July soon come!
  4. Da Luv Doc

    Local & European Elections

    But they're not the "Liberal elites" who the average person hates....
  5. Da Luv Doc

    Abortion ban

    Dumb fucking septic tanks. Pretty sure most of the "pro lifers" believe in the right to have guns without an organised militia, can shoot or kill people and slyly tell their mistresses to have abortions. Waste country.
  6. Da Luv Doc

    Jeremy Kyle

    He was a scumbag, taking advantage of the poor and vulnerable.
  7. Da Luv Doc


    Dude, I've just come with facts. From the mid 90s till now, it's massive and there's nothing to say that it's not going to be a decade from now.
  8. Da Luv Doc

    Smacking Kids.

    Lazy parenting tbh
  9. Da Luv Doc

    Carol Vorderman sheeezeee

    Absolutely banging!
  10. Da Luv Doc


    But it's not "dead." Its not a Santa or them places. You get people of all ages raving there, there's no age limit unless you've changed yourself.
  11. Da Luv Doc

    Carol Vorderman sheeezeee

    If she hits gym on the regular then hopefully it's supported.
  12. Da Luv Doc

    Local & European Elections

    Brexit party = We're a sly racist party with a leader who has a fetish for European blonde women.
  13. Da Luv Doc

    Welcome back

    Good stuff
  14. Da Luv Doc


    It's still a good place to go raving and most certainly not become a dead place to go to for raving.