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  1. Good bio so far. Half way through.
  2. I do have naked pics of her, too bad the law has changed. I may have creampie her
  3. Great news!
  4. I swear I've fucked that Tyla chick.... pretty sure I have naked pics too.
  5. Hahahaha
  6. Assuming that building standards are similar to aerospace manufacturing. They will need to comply with the drawing requirements. Any significant deviation they'll need to speak to the designers to, confirm if the alternative cladding can be used as an alternative. The drawings will have to change. If the design engineers say no, they cannot deviate, period!
  7. Only realised you can turn up the frequency of injury and how bad they'll become...... now it feels like the real Arsenal
  8. So deep! Fuck Tupac for taking the piss out of sickle cell!
  9. I swear people don't understand the meaning of liberal neither.
  10. This Brem and ag back and forth is fucking annoying. ag is on ignore, don't want to put Brem on ignore, don't agree with what he says in this thread but I won't say he has nothing useful to say in other threads. Brem, allow the back and forth and ignore ag.
  11. Also, a lot of black people who go on lbc..... I just smh so hard at these idiots.
  12. Tommy Robinson is an idiot. No empathy whatsoever. Guy is fully clouded by this anti Islam shit.
  13. Probably be a job for someone like me, not for someone like Gambino tbh. #EliteWins
  14. I get at you because you're a xenophobic c*nt.