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  1. Cm Punk only lifted the rating for a second. Tony Khan't is an idiot! Guy talks too much in whatever venture his dad owns. What an idiot!
  2. They should sign with Qatar!
  3. Messi era at Barcelona is done!
  4. Reason why I don't support England, full of cowardly bigots.
  5. LoL But I'm not on looking after a next man's kid. Good for anyone who does it, but I want mine to prosper!
  6. Arteta is dead. Process has failures and needs to be rewritten. Edu can fuuck off as well! Should have promoted Mislintat (or however you spell Svens name).
  7. You've changed your tune! Tell Lee Gunner that he loves Stan Kreonke!
  8. Wrong about one bit, correct about the far right stuff.
  9. Gambino is one of them guys who thinks he's had it worse and a "lad" like Alexander de Pfeffel will put broke, uneducated English white men first..... SMFH!
  10. Cornette drops the truth. He is logical and is a joker when he's on one. But it's embarrassing for Wrestling that a 60 year old man who's not working for them is their biggest heel smh. Njpw is shit as well. Wrestling is gone forever. The podcast are the only thing relevant. Dark side of the ring too, tbh.
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