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  1. Legitimate "liberal metropolitan elites" as well., including spoilt brats of billionaires who think it's their right. But the right wing thinkers think that's only the case I'd you're left wing ffs.
  2. Labour is dead. Lin Dems are a mythology
  3. How could anyone lose this guy? Country is the shits
  4. Stormzy needs to brainwash his white fans.
  5. Boris Johnson will win. This country is too dopey.
  6. Madness that you're getting guys on here thinking USA healthcare is the best when thousands of families (not people, but FAMILIES) are being bankrupt each year in that country. USA is a state, never been great and relies on destroying poor to make the rich richer. Any country or people who want to be like them are absolutely bonkers! On that think tank, isn't that stupid american bitch part of it? I forgot her name. She needs to fuck off to the USA and leave us alone tbh.
  7. Make the NHS great? When was the USA even great? Sorry thun, but your anti-establishment/for the people mask has fallen off mate.
  8. All petite wrestling is dead. Shit wrestling, with the exception of awesome kong, jericho and the Rhode brothers. These indy guys don't know how to wrestle or tell a story. So shit!
  9. From fuucking Yeovil hillbilly country ffs.
  10. It's jokes that they do a mental health video but the way the aid with harming the mental health if certain players though.... society is pretty shit tbh
  11. Madness how blacks have been brainwashed to degrade themselves by calling blacks niggers/niggas.... these do the facist work for them!
  12. That's a lesson for you drug dealers make the druggies take drugs in front of you before selling to them.
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