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  1. That's a lesson for you drug dealers make the druggies take drugs in front of you before selling to them.
  2. Because the papers and right leaning media tell them to and also the country, as with most of Europe, are right leaning and think they're the biggest victims on this planet....
  3. All these guys are stupid. Fuuck Sterling and all the other dumb fuucks out there!
  4. So if he gets compared to a goliwog, that's not racist? Dumb fuuck!
  5. It's jokes that the guys crying about being away from the EU, they cry when UK democracy is trying to be put into place, but then they're called the enemy....
  6. Emery is not the one for Arsenal tbh. Need to find a new up and coming manager, not this guy.
  7. Mendy not even going in on how the breddah is white, so fucl Mendy and Fuck Silva the c*nt.
  8. #EmeryOut Also @Turkish loves to send for the youngsters. Please everyone, quote me within the next 3 years, he'll be saying Willock, Smith-Rowe, Nketiah and Nelson needs to leave/fuck off.
  9. I was going to be kind with him and mention the Qatar blockade. But from what I remembered is that there is still exports via the see ( liquid natural gas). I think most imports are through their airline (Qatar airways), but obviously, the load factor would be low in comparison. 400 aircraft is not even the same as half a cargo ship probably. I can't even comprehend how big they are. We actually could probably handle 400 extra landings a day, but to have the same amount of cargo coming into the uk, we would need a hell of a lot more aircraft to be equivalent to what we currently get via cargo ships. I don't believe in climate change, but all that shit that comes out of jet engines falling down on us, even though they're by far cleaner than 20 years ago, that will fuck up our health. The jets would have to be massive too. There are s limited amount of the an225s and an124s and Boeing have reduced the production of the 747-8f to x per year. Imagine how big a jumbo is.... then look at them fat off cargo ships that carry hundreds of times the amount what planes can. Aircraft are good for life limited/shelf life items though due to their speed and very small items, but obviously you won't get the same volume as a container, cargo ship.
  10. LoL fingers in each ear hole "blah blah blah I'm not listening, they need us more than we need them, etc etc"
  11. But according to some people on here, he's the best thing since sliced bread.
  12. Ok I hear ya. I do evening classes, have done for the last nearly 4 years, learning one skill. Compared to others who don't, it's more of a reason to continue doing it without stopping
  13. Imagine the Brexit party getting in power.... country would be fucked. A party where the only policy is Brexit, would be baffled by everything else they need to do to run this country. Snobby people with a backwards mentality on things and from a background that provides them lifestyles that I can only dream of having. Get people saying these elites are not elitist and shit like that.... oh wait....
  14. Do an evening course, fuck this online shit unless you living it.
  15. Deep for your friend. I have never known why guys bring their "team" especially when they are dodgy. I fully cut off my dodgy old bredrins, making it in life living easy is more important.
  16. @local you on your period or something?
  17. When I see AEW I just think wrestling is dead. The way they booked the awesome kong match was dead. They have beta males as wrestlers and directors. Wrestling is dead.
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