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  1. Gurls chat sh*t about size.Average is 5 inches to 6 inches.I can say I am bigger than this but bare bitches chat sh*t.My ex hyped up my size and a couple skets hyped it but before they were saying they've had or seen or tasted some silly sizes then say im one of the biggest or the biggest they have witnessed, when it aint the sizes they mentioned.Like Jammy says "gurls cant judge size".
  2. My topics aint bragging, but this kinda is.The gurls I have draw since that time has been on a next level as I thought I was ugly.Now, I know I am buff.I have drawed some serious bitches, ladies and women and I am now happy with myself.Safe
  3. Right, Until the beginning of the Justin Credible era (29-09-2005) I thought I was butters.Then I realised I can get the attention of mega buff gurls, which, over time, increase my ego and confidence, meaning I am now no longer scared to draw any and every gurl I think is nice and even getting air is nothing to me now.Still, I saw Lady D and her man, he looks like a monster nerd.Im trying to up the pic but imageshack is gay
  4. Whites, Do you find that the media think that you lot love off super skinny b;onde bitches with no bumb???How do you feel about this???Because when I watch music videos designed to attract young white males, the bitches are always super skinny.My gurl is white, but is curvy, fat batty and is tall, but she wants a smaller bumb But she is buffer than most (93%) white gurls I see when I go raving.Blacks, do you feel that the way we are portrade to liking any and every gurl is wrong???
  5. SMACKED IT BADMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Seems like it takes ages to load and when it does, it freezes for abit.
  7. It was that Malenko beef and his ablitiy on the mic that made Jericho my fav wrestler.That beef was sick!!!The Liontaimer that he did in WCW (High angle Boston Crab) is much better to the Walls of Jericho.Hes a sick wrestler and heavy on the mic.But his debute for WWE killed it, right near the end of the attitude era.
  8. I hate this version.I was talking about the original, the one he used for the first two years, thats on his debute with rock
  9. Da Luv Doc

    Wife Swap

    The hippie man is a waste man too, fuucking puss
  10. Stat, beg you drop Jerichos first break the walls tune.
  11. Broods theme >>>>>>>>>>>>>> ___________
  12. Da Luv Doc

    Wife Swap

    That heppie woman is a c*nt
  13. Da Luv Doc

    Wife Swap

    The country healthy one said sh*t."Nice soap to give you skin cancer"d*ckHEAD FILTHY NON WASHING c*nt
  14. I keep my piece in and hug the gurl tight, its nothing.J lovely, I was baft when she dropped it but she dropped it with passion when she buss.
  15. No, my ex was the only greek gurl I done that with.The sket was white and that georgia was white I think.
  16. You d*ckhead.It happened when I bust and left it in for a few minutes and her being super tight her pum kept pulling it. But it didnt bother me.I would have wifed her back here still, only because of her pum. ARRRRGHthat is y u NEVER STAY in wen u have a condom on, u have to take it out straight away, how could u make it happen 3 times When I buss in a gurl, I get semi emotional, especially if im not using you for sex and want to be close. My ex, I used to do that, and it came off only twice, one sket just after my ex I did that because it was standard with my ex.That Georgia gurl, I just needed to leave it in and be close, her p*ssy made me like that and for some reason when she said she loves me I was hoping that we could be together at home, but thats long.
  17. You d*ckhead.It happened when I bust and left it in for a few minutes and her being super tight her pum kept pulling it. But it didnt bother me.I would have wifed her back here still, only because of her pum.
  18. I am here you c*nt.Yes I get you.Theres this gurl called Goergia from Uxbridge, she has the best pum I have ever had.I would wife her just for her pum I swear down.Fuuck it, I would love to breed it, but I have to be realistic and know to wife a mega buff, mega safe gurl & breed her instead.But still, Goergia's pum >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Any gurl I have had.I am obsessed with it, but this was on my malia holiday.My ex came second still but yes, I recked out Goergia good, was telling me she loved me & ting when I was making her buss.Only deep thing is is that my dom came off in her 3 times, thus people call me daddy credz and her mummy credz [/color]
  19. Standard.The Heel "Can you feel the heat" is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HHH "my time" one when he became heal and joined the corporation was sick too.The first Jericho theme when he first joined WWE and his last WCW themes were big too.NWO was heavy too.
  20. PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Logan, if RWD dont care about their forum, why are people getting banned left, right and center???They made it into some crap place tbh.When will they replace it with the old style, darkness tha PEOPLE actually like???They are doing what Vince Mcmahon done when he bought WCW and made wrestling for kiddies only.
  22. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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