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  1. & for the love life to be re introduced.I know the truth behind women now.I know the facts from the fiction.I have been through 90% of troubles they give me.
  2. True.But still, whoever is admin, (which will probably be you again Iceberg) it is my e-destiny to be mod of that room.I will expose the truth about bitches and their downfall
  3. When RWD comes back, make the L&L room again and make me mod please.I have alot of views and things I need to get off my chest and give tailed discription of how to be a breddah like me who dont give a sh*t.
  4. I am creating my narni duppying tally, where I fuuck bitches and kick, like Im a rugby ball getting booted out the stadium, never to be seen again!!!First off ima shave my beard and mustash (sp) to look like a young sweet boy and have my afro out more often.Only bitches I wont take the piss with are gurls I am safe with.
  5. You d*ckhead!!!On thursday, it will be the start of the Justin Credible Era mk2.I have been shocked into having no heart connection with my ex now and realise that bitches, ALL BITCHES LIE, so I will commence Justin Credible Era mk2 Da Crazy Luv Doc.My infamous "Justin" name will be heard on road as running through bare bitches.Justin Fuucking Credible
  6. Justin Credible has turned fully evil.In the last year I have proved im the biggest player, user and a breh who can chat the most sh*t to bitches to sex them.I have decided that it is good for me to be the same and to show off to all the bitches below my levels who aired me who I may have loved that they are weak, both looks and personality than the bitches Im drawing.RegardsThe biggest gyallist of Chingford E4J Fuucking Credz!!!!!!Ashley CAsh MundoWhatever the fuuck you know me as :twisted:
  7. Its like wrestling like WWE, the attitude era might have ended now, to only be turned into a crap due to do rubbish people behind the scene.
  8. I have never read RWDMAG since that Hattie chick took over.When Matt was top man there I used to get it all the time.But still, allow having them indie people on there, we dont give a fuuck about them.Da Luv Doc will once again rule RWD forums.Also, allow this bubbly white colour, what stupidness is that?!?!?!?!?!?!
  9. Da Luv Doc


    Kayla, send me a pic.
  10. Da Luv Doc


    To the soppy room.First topic is, wo's in love?
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